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Savvy Blogger Tips and Tricks


Be careful about giving out your personal information to anyone online. AdultFriendFinder employees will never ask you to post personal information or account details, like your email address or password. If anyone asks you for this kind of information, report it to our Abuse Team. The rule of thumb is: Don't post any personal information in your blog. It's just good common sense and will make your blogging safer, more secure and, in the long run, more fun.

AdultFriendFinder Blog Guidelines

In the interest of creating a safe and friendly blog community, please refrain from:

Multiple violations will result in deletion of accounts and any other accounts connected to this member. Previous violations will result in future violations being treated more swiftly and severely. If you need to file a complaint against another user, contact customer service using the Help Form.

Blogging Advice & Etiquette

Learn more at the blogging FAQ. And most of all -- have fun out there!