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3/16/2006 8:44 am

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Why is that some people should not breed,think or for that matter live. I have this problem with people who (generally speaking as in customers) who "think" they know what the hell they are doing when it comes to repairing there pool equipment. I love it when they call and say I have a problem when I tried to fix it myself. All I want to do it say well it is gonna cost you twice the amount in labor for me to send someone out there to repair it correctly, but I cannot say that.. unless I wanna loose my job. It would be nice though.. not having to politically correct with customers.. I could just speak my mind to them.. that would be so nice LOL...
On another note, My buddy rob is still in jail. I received another letter from him.. Sounds like he is doing well and likes getting letters from his friends. it does suck though since he does not have a court date yet and who knows how long he will be in there. Hopefully he does not drop the soap LMAO...


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