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What were you thinking.

Stripper faces trial after night carousing
Lacy McCullough admits she hit Robert Collins with her car last Jan 21 after a night out in Wichita, but a witness says she also kicked him with stiletto- heeled boots.
The Wichita Eagle

The model remembered leaving a popular west Wichita nightclub with an exotic dancer on each arm and a wad of cash in his pocket.

Robert Collins, then 26, looked forward to continuing a fun night. Instead, he ended up near a dirt road, bleeding from the head and face.

Lacy J. McCullough says Collins' injuries resulted from a fight with another man and from her accidentally hitting him with her SUV. The Sedgwick County District Attorney has charged her with attempted murder and robbery.

A jury of 10 men and two women will have to decide what happened in the dark, early-morning hours last Jan. 21, where Woodlawn turns into a gravel road just north of Wichita.

Three times on Tuesday, Sedgwick County District Judge David Kennedy told jurors to disregard references to McCullough's job as a stripper at Jezebel's. Kennedy told the lawyers he doesn't consider the testimony improper, but he wants to ensure that McCullough gets a fair hearing.

Laura Dixon worked with McCullough, but this night they were dancing for fun at Pistachio's nightclub at Kellogg and Tyler Road. There they met Collins.

"He looked very handsome," Dixon testified.

Collins told the jury he'd done some modeling while attending college and had $2,500 in his pocket from his student aid.

All were drinking.

Dixon said she'd been drinking double vodka and tonics since dinner. At Pistachio's, they added shots of Jagermeister liqueur: "Jager-bombs," she called them.

McCullough drank, too, except that, being under age, she couldn't get served everywhere they went. But McCullough didn't have a problem attracting Collins' attention at Pistachio's, Dixon said.

"They start talking, they start kissing, he starts buying us drinks," she testified.

Collins doesn't remember how much he drank, and he's not sure whether his clouded memory now comes from alcohol or the head injuries he suffered later that night.

"A lot of it is a haze," he told prosecutor Kevin O'Connor.

Collins remembered leaving the bar with one arm around McCullough, the other around Dixon.

"I was going to hang out with them," Collins said.

"He was all for doing whatever we wanted to do," Dixon said.

Dixon said they wanted cocaine. She remembered McCullough saying a friend of hers could help, so they stopped by Brant Barnes' house.

The four of them piled into McCullough's SUV. But Collins began to get sick, Dixon said. They pulled over in a secluded area. Barnes got out while Collins vomited.

"Next thing I know, they're fighting... beating each other up pretty bad," Dixon told the jury.

Dixon said both she and McCullough started screaming for the fight to stop. McCullough got out of the car, Dixon said, and stomped on Collins with the stiletto heel of her boot.

"Everyone was just going hysterical," Dixon said.

Dixon said she tried to stop the fight. Barnes got back in the SUV with a bloody gun prosecutors say was used to beat Collins. Barnes is serving time for aggravated battery in the case.

Dixon said McCullough started the engine.

"I'm going to run over him," Dixon said she heard McCullough say.

But on cross-examination by McCullough's lawyer, Alice Knetsch Osburn, Dixon said the SUV was barely moving when Collins appeared out of nowhere, hit by the vehicle. That supported McCullough's claim of an accident.

Collins said he remembered following a faint light to a nearby business, where he broke in and called 911. He said his cash was gone.

Dixon said she was in shock as the SUV drove away. After dropping Barnes back home, Dixon said McCullough drove to a car wash where they cleaned up the vehicle.

Once home, Dixon and her boyfriend called police.

Nice story strippers only want one thing.. MONEY... don't flash the cash unless you want to loose it.. I worked at a strip club and that is how they make a living. Even if they aren't a strip club. I know a few who do this all the time.. well not beat you and run you over but want your MONEY.

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