Cake and eat it too  

zrangerdanger 43M
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6/19/2006 6:16 pm
Cake and eat it too

I cannot resist the temptation. I have a burning need to see her naked body, a strong desire to hear her musical cries of love, to smell her sensual fragrance, and feel her soothing touch. I call to my God for the strength to resist my fleshly cravings, but my body’s undoubted longing seems too stalwart to withstand, and I cannot explain why.

She so innocently begs me to make time to see her, and she knows exactly what to say and do to push my hormonal buttons. We talk candidly over romantic lunches and dinners; we exchange provocative emails, and explicit telephone messages. She leaves notes and cards on my car signed in lipstick, and covered with perfume or a hint of her natural mist. She has flowers sent to my office and tucked inside the envelope photos of her beautifully sculptured breast, perfectly manicured cunt, and swollen clitoris. Her libido equals mine. She matches me stroke for stroke, and cum for cum, she craves me as much as I crave her. She loves me, she loves being with me, and I love being with her. Why then? Why? If no one is going to get hurt, why should I have to let her go? I find myself in her. So, why should I have to resist these feeling of joy? I want to have my cake and eat it too.

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