Introduction - the easy way?!!?  

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10/24/2005 4:56 am

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Introduction - the easy way?!!?

my myself and I ---

born in 1978 (at the time of writing this it makes me 27 years old)

that would be the standard beginning of a dull intro.

but--- i'll just put it this way:

for as long as i remember i felt like a 20y old.
since i was 3 i guess.
and most of the time i still feel like it.
i like parties student style but it now happens to me more and more often that i feel out of place and a bit older -- sure i am older but it is the first time in my life that i feel my true age.
i always was young but mentaly grown (always).
now it happenes to me that i don't feel that young any more. some would say that this is good - but i'm still undecided. i liked being 20 -> they got the best parties and the best looking girls.
about the girls - yes i like young girls. every year i like them younger (not that young, you pervert ) ... but that would only be girls for fun. i cannot imagine myself dating a girl much younger than myself. i always find companionship in older women. it would be nice to find a girl with a body of 20y old and a mind of 40y.


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