computers blowinng up when u r trying to finish finals  

zephyrslair 49F
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4/11/2005 5:55 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

computers blowinng up when u r trying to finish finals

damn thing blew up and i have a final project due on thursday

luckily 90 percent of my files were saved outside the computer on my jump drive..which filled up otherwise the rest of the files would be there too

but YEAH YEAH...the power point which i thought was lost to the in some form on BlACK BOARD.....AND IS now on my brand new big jump was the important server..we love you....snapfish we love u....for saving all my photos from the dust

now i gotta type my little hands off til thursday at 12.....then one project done...two to may 6th

i will be very happy when may 7th comes

hell...ill be happy if i make it to friday in one peice..i cannot believe my machine crashed like this while I am doing finals..that is just wrong wrong wrong

i spent all weekend putting it back togehtre again....thus..that is why u folks cant find me on y the moment

anyway hanging at college getting the rest of my files off the school server...I am saved thank u jesus

see this is not a paper u can type in 24hrs
this is a project weve been working for two months on.....and if it was gone ..(well it is on my machine) but if I had no other copy or no other print out to hand in on thursday...there is no way i could rebuild it in 3 days, absolutely impossilbe

and the computer ate my homework is not an excetptable excuse in this whole grade is basically this project (and I intend to get an a thank u very much

ok, so...actually i have some fun sex stories to tell..but ill write em later

i need to get back to my house and do some more work on this thing.....

if anyone wants to take a real tired girl to dinner on friday and a sincity or sahara or something......i would be at ur command afterword....

gotta get to friday....tick tick

ok kids
have a good week
may ur computers be happy and healthy
and remember...if it is important get it off the damn machine and safely on a backup disk....

cause if u hard drive has never blown up......itll happen, at the worst time in ur when u r presenting someting at work for your boss....

nite all

keithcancook 61M
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4/13/2005 7:29 pm

Dang! I had better back my stuff up soon. Not that I have real important stuff on this gizmo, but losing some of it would really p** me off! Thanks for the reminder.

I was happy to hear that you were able to come out of it with your project intact. Too bad you had to spend so much time patching it up.

Also, dinner and a movie should get you back to your old self again. I am rooting for ya zephyr!

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