The Origin Of Zan  

zanzibarus 39M
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6/13/2006 4:43 am

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6/15/2006 8:42 pm

The Origin Of Zan

It is World Cup time. Being European, this means that it is my religious holiday for 1 month.

Generally when my team does well, and we win i get extremely horny afterwards. It's the aftermath of all that tension and excitement during the game. It needs a release. Alas, these days, the release is not that forthcoming and so i have to make do on my own. I suspect i was conceived on a night when my father's favourite sporting team had won a match. He would never tell me this but i think i am right. It's a horrible thought. It reminds me of Trainspotting in some weird way, when Rentboy is having sex with the schoolgirl and he states he hasn't felt that good since a footballer scored a goal to win a competition. My father however, does not look like Ewan McGregor, he is more of the Begbie type character, only without the violence, and more swearing.

Today i went to the gym for god knows how long. I will feel the pain tomorrow. I will be unable to move. I will have to do a lot of walking. It is not going to be a good day. It must be done though. I want "Abs of Steel" (TM). I do know the consequences of good fitness though. Apart from the better health, you seem to get more aroused. At least that's what i have been told. I wouldnt know any different because as far as i am aware, my mentality towards that hasnt really changed. Perhaps i have an illness.

I'll tell you something that is totally unsexy and unarousing though. A finger infection.

Bueno Noche

frangipanigal 46F
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6/13/2006 5:37 am

I was chatting to a friend last night on IM after the game and commented that I needed someone with me for "celebratory sex"...told you, you should have watched the game at my place...hehe!!

(Think stockings....)

Frangi x

rm_saintlianna 46F
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6/13/2006 6:41 am

I think we are both the head, bunch of pervs

rm_bella_ 48F
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6/13/2006 8:23 pm

I have the video abs of steel...mine are not but the working out does get the juices flowing

zanzibarus 39M

6/14/2006 8:34 pm

amber - i generally have a high sex drive as it is, but since the intense work outs, it's shot through the roof!

frangi - i dont think there would have been much watching of the game in that case

saint - i couldn't agree with you more

bella - i have no video, my ipod is my only motivator - well, that and looking good for summer when it's beach season the working gets the juices flowing huh... well, i can only think of one thing to do with those juices hehe

zanzibarus 39M

6/15/2006 6:31 pm

    Quoting rm_mzhunyhole:
    I got on of those finger things once..those frigging hurt..lordy!
mine doesnt hurt as much as it itches like no tomorrow!
i have some cream or something that the doctor gave me and i have to put the finger of a rubber glove over it so the cream can stay on it and be absorbed. it looks like i have a rubber on my finger. not a good look when you have shake a clients hand

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