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2/3/2006 5:36 pm

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Well as requested, here are the details of my last post. In my brain it is generally just sex but i figure there would have to be some lead up to the event, otherwise it would be a little awkward haha


So, we would meet somewhere, as friends, having a casual drink and talking about the sort of nonsense friends talk about when together. How the weather is, how work is, have a laugh, people watch. People watching is my favourite. As the day turned into the night, time blurred with more drinking and laughing. Talk would turn to sex, as it inevitably would with us three, i would suspect. Things would get quite heated, Free would slide her hand over to my thigh and slowly stroke it, Frangi, noticing this happening would take my hand and slide it onto her thigh, guiding it up her bare skin until it reaches the hem of her skirt. Frangi would stretch the leg i am caressing and slowly stroke the inside of Free's thigh with her toes. All of our faces, flushed and obviously aroused. The people watchers are now being watched. I move over to Frangi's ear and whisper to leave this place. She agree's and takes my hand as we stand up, I grab Free's hand and we walk out the door.

We stumble to the concierge area of the hotel bar we were drinking at and arrange a room for all three of us. The concierge looks at us quizzically and smiles. She knows whats going on. We take the lift up to the room. Free and Frangi hold onto my shoulders as they start to carress each others bodies in the lift. The lift doors open and we walk to the hotel room, i fumble around with the pass as Frangi and Free lean up against the foyer wall, pressing their bodies against each other. The door clicks open and i take them by the hand into the room.

They start to kiss each other fervently. Frees lips locking onto Frangis neck as her breasts pressed against Frangis. I get down on my knees and slide my hand up Frangis skirt. I can feel her pussy getting wetter through her panties as i softly run my fingers over her clit. With my other hand i slide it up Free's skirt, she wears no underwear. I hike her skirt up over her waist as i softly lick the inside of her thigh. I roll my tongue over her thigh up to her pussy, sucking on Free's pussy lips as Frangi and her kiss feverishly. They have both taken off their shirts and are pressing their naked breasts against each other. Frangi moves her head down and sucks on Free's breasts, her nipples hard and sensitive. My fingers start to rub against Frangi's wet pussy. I pull her panties to one side as i slide my finger in and out. My tongue lapping at Free's clit now as they both start to breathe heavier. Free carresses Frangi's breasts. Her hand slowly massages them as they lock lips. Their kisses becoming more and more passionate. They moan softly as i finger and go down.

They slowly come down on their knees with me. Frangi undoes my jeans and takes my hard cock in her hand as we all start to kiss each other. Free unbuttons my shirt and starts to kiss me on the chest. Her mouth sucking on my chest and softly biting my nipples. I lean down and take Frangis breast in my mouth and start to suck on them. I flick my tongue over her hard nipples as i suck harder. Her hand stroking my cock harder. Free moves her tongue down my chest and over my cock. She caresses the head with her tongue as Frangi strokes it. She then holds Frangis hand as she strokes and slides her mouth over my cock. Both their hands stroking my cock as Frees head moves up and down, sucking on my cock harder, flicking her tongue over the head of my cock and then englulfing it in her mouth again. I groan loudly.

Frangi takes her hand off my cock and stands up, she grabs the back of my head and pushes it towards her pussy. I pull her panties off and oblige. I push my tongue into her and then slide two fingers inside and lick her clit. My fingers slide in and out as i suck and flick my tongue over her clit harder. Her sweet pussy fills my mouth with juices. Free takes the length of my cock in her mouth and sucks on it harder. Licking down the shaft as her hand still masturbates me.

I take Free off my cock and get her to kneel up and guide her to Frangis pussy. She leans forward and softly caresses Frangis swollen pussy with her tongue. Gently she kisses it, softly and tenderly. I get behind Free and slide my cock between her legs. I massage her pussy with my swollen cock. PUshing the head against her clit, dipping it in slightly so her pussy can have a taste. Teasing her to the height of arousal. Free reaches her hand back and guide my cock into her pussy. She leans her ass back and takes it inside her, squeezing her pussy as she does.

Frangi sits back as Free fingers her harder. Her whole body shudders as Free fingers her and rubs her clit harder with her pussy. Her moans become louder as Free spreads Frangis pussy lips and plunges her tongue inside. I stand behind Free, thrusting myself inside her. My thighs slap against her ass as her pussy tightens with every thrusts. She grips my cock inside her as she moans louder. Her voice muffled by Frangis pussy as Free goes down on her.

Free starts pushing back into my cock. I hold her by the hips as she slams her ass into my thighs. Her pussy tenses hard, squeezing my cock like a vice, then it starts to pulsate, her breath becomes heavy and rapid. Her moans become louder as she pulls her mouth away from Frangis pussy, i reach my hand around to her clit and start to rub it, sensing her about to cum i rub it harder, her ass pushing into my thighs, she moans out loudly, cumming hard and in waves. Her muscles pulsating as she cums. She pulls me out and starts to play with her clit. Frangi slides over and pushes me down. She takes my cock in her hand and leans down, guiding it into her as she slides herself onto me. Pushing her hands on my chest, she starts to grind down onto my cock. Free kneels over my faces and lowers her pussy over my mouth. Her cum still dripping from her. I lick upwards and taste her. Frangi rides me harder. Free and Frangi lean forward and start kissing passionately. My mouth licks Frees as she kisses Frangi intently. Frangi sits down on my cock and leans forward. Riding me hard and grinding her pussy down onto my cock, i reach one hand up to massage her breasts and the other hand up to finger Free. Her cum drips down my arm as i slide my fingers up inside her. Frangi pushes down on my chest as she uses it for leverage. She starts to raise her hips and bounces hard on my cock. Her pussy also tightens and squeezes my cock hard. I moan loudly as she starts to slam down on my cock. All that foreplay has made her extremely wet and horny. Free and Frangi can barely kiss as they gasp for breath. Frangi becoming more aroused starts to slam her ass down onto my waist. Her muscles tensing everytime her body drops down onto my cock. Her breath becomes shorter, she moans louder. She sits up and rocks herself back and forth faster and harder. Her breasts heaving as she grips my cock, i can feel the waves of her muscles as she rides me harder, ready to cum. Frangi leans back as i start to thrust upwards, Free leans forward and starts to licks and suck her clit, her pussy pushes down onto my face as i eat her out hungrily. Free moans louder as she cums heavily. Her pussy realeasing as she shudders. Free licks her juices hungrily. Leaving nothing left. Frangis breath becomes more relaxd as she releases all her tension.

Frangi slides herslef off my swollen cock. Free leans over and takes it in her mouth. Frangi slides her hand on it and licks the shaft as Free takes the head in. At the nearest touch i cum heavily. I moan loud as my cock spurts forth like a fountain. Frangi and Free slide their mouths over it as i continue to let loose. I drop my head back and breathe out, relaxed. Frangi, Free and i all lay next to each other in a post orgasm embrace.


I could have gone into more detail, but i got far too horny. I think i need to have some ice down my pants when i write these type of things.


Hope thats enough errr "detail". haha

Good to see there are new readers as well.

Hi PurryKitty2 and sassybelle21

frangipanigal 46F
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2/5/2006 6:51 pm

Thank you my gorgeous friend for such a wonderful time....That's the first time anyone has written such a HOT story with me in it. It makes it alot sexier and yes, I will need to re-read this one later. Expect a call!!

Frangi xx

PS Free, isn't he a hottie!!

rm_FreeLove999 48F
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2/6/2006 1:39 am

LOL! i am pretty taken aback by a couple of accurate details -- for example, it is highly likely that i would be the first one to make a move

what is that intuition, or just guess work?

very hot story, tho i have no idea about pussy eating technique cos i've never done it...

i am having a really crap, rejected day, so thanks for that...

[blog freelove999]

zanzibarus 39M

2/6/2006 3:47 am

frangi - well you did ask for more details hehe

free - hahah we know eachother too well! dont worry about pussy eating technique, thats something i can teach

sassybelle21 33F  
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2/6/2006 11:53 am


zanzibarus 39M

2/6/2006 3:06 pm

sassy - hallo!!

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