Is there a difference between romance, passion and love?  

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1/22/2006 1:17 am

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Is there a difference between romance, passion and love?

The Hollywood view suggests that they are all the same. But experience shows that they are not. As a teenager I watched a number of my friends with interest going through turbulent teenage years. They fell madly, deeply passionately ‘in love’ with an attractive member of the opposite sex they met at the youth group, at a party or elsewhere.

But just as quickly as they fell in love and stole those early kisses they fell out of love again. One week it was the thing they lived and died for. The next they had forgotten the other person existed. Or, often, one heart grew cold while the other remained on fire, and in great distress.

The Greeks recognized this distinction and had a number of words for love.

i)Eros ‒ sexual love, passion between a man and a woman

ii)Phileo ‒ tender affection, e.g. love of a parent for a child. Used for love of father for Jesus. From same root Philanthropia ‒ love for man, kindness.

iii)Agape. The love of God towards his Son. In this morning’s reading from 1 Corinthians 13 agape is used as the love of God in us for others. Self giving sacrificial love, an act of will not of feelings.

Question here? In this 3 love distinction were are you belong too? In category i,ii or iii.

Romance is about the expression of love. It is to do with loving, being loved, expressing that love and knowing that you are loved.

But, cant you all find any love here? Or A.Finders is only a sex platform to all the girl and guys. Im been wondering this long ago.

For me, if u want to be love here "u must follow the 'love' rules here".-NOT ONLY THINKS ABOUT FREE SEX

They are some of us think if their send an e-mail to any member in A.F. Their will got a sex promises. This is a traditional thinker.

zamz2011 36M
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1/23/2006 4:18 am

zamz said: love is something that had to find. sex is healthy activities. love+sex = good health to use

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