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4/4/2006 2:17 pm

Anti-BLOG online jounal post (who the hell made that stupid word up anyway!?)

That's right. We all know they exist, yet we pretend they do no harm. We've all seen them. Go ahead, ask yourself. Have you seen one? YES! You have! See? I was right. I'm always right by the way (for future reference).

Anyways, you just pretend they don't exist. We all know, and if you don't you're a blithering idiot, that I'm talking about BLOGS.

Everywhere you go, you always take with the weather with you. Damn, I hate that song! Come up with a decent tune you hippy assholes. Wait... what was I on about again... oh yes. BLOGS. I despise them. Every single one of them filled with confessions of hurt and love and all the crap that makes even the highly trained alcaholic puke in disgust, they are taking over the internet that we've all come to love and hate and they are turning it into one huge craphouse for people to dump their feelings and emotions in. It disgusts me. And you... you ignore them?

Don't you voyeurs and skanky web cam sluts see? Life as we know it could come to a crashing halt if we do not stop these "bloggers" from spending all their time spreading the blog disease, telling the world that they spent that Saturday night doing whatever the hell it is these assholes do, wasting good energy on a completely self centred activity (when they could be using that energy to get be a damn beer, for example) and ultimately killing off the useful space that we are so quickly running out of on the internet.

Oh, but wait! You never even thought about the limit in size we have for the internet! You thought it was all one big black hole that could be filled to the brim with crap like your David Hasselhof porn collection, pictures of you holding your PC intimately and, my personal favourite, pages and pages of whining and whining about your crappy personal life!

Well it's not, you stupid skywalker wannabes!

So, do the internet a favour, admit to having a diary (because that's what a blog is, freak!) and delete your blog. Tree's are here for a reason, people. Go to the local store and buy a little notepad (and if you're an idiot, you can buy an expensive diary), and fill it up with all the crap you've been wasting space with on the net.

"Everywhere you go you always take the weather with you...

HA! Now I bet it's stuck in your head too! Fools.

Over and out.


ps: What a day I had yesterday. I miss my doggie and ate some pie. Anyhoo, that's it for my online journal post for today. See ya next time, losers.

pps: Bacon and eggs

ppps: Ahhhh... forget it.

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