my fantasy  

yumiconnor 42F
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6/4/2006 4:19 am

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7/4/2006 3:20 am

my fantasy

my sex fantasy
*wanna try everything exept SM
*my tits wanna be kissed, licked, sucked.
*love being top of a man, being fuxxking hard from the back.
*also enjoy showing myself off.
*love group sex as well.
*my dream is to be fxxcked all over night
with more than 3 handsome guys
*let u cum into my ass hole
*wanna talke cum shower all my body

my ideal sex-partner
handsome, tall, sexy, hard & long & wide, Caucasion,
blond hair, naughty, cute, kinky, kind, horny, smart,
attractive, and more.

my dating plan
drive along a beach
eat delicious food
go some shopping
watch sunset
have romantic dinner
ride on a man
and shake my body all night long

my erotic region
ears, lips, neck, breast
hip, back, toe, calf of leg

my ideal relationship
love affair, sex partner, one night stand

6pkgmn9 68M  
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6/5/2006 1:01 am

Lets see which ones I like also..any with * in front of them Glad to do all of those for you Ever had your fingers licked and sucked and cannot forget about titty fuck

Steely_xxx 45M

6/5/2006 4:03 am


What about a bukkake party? Did I even spell that write? lol Would you ever be interesting putting one together?

rm_sucker4all 49M
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6/8/2006 9:46 am

my fantasy is to lick you while you愉e fucked by several dicks.
You扉e said you愉e rubbing your clit during penetration.
Wouldn愒 licking be much better?
By the way you could be cleaned off after the other guys have filled
your holes

rm_go4itmate 45M
67 posts
6/10/2006 3:57 am

bugger,,,, I am none of that,,,pity,,,,

rm_SimonDo3041 39M
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6/13/2006 9:02 pm

She answers the door in a red dress. Her hair is let down and sparkling in the light. I gaze deep into her eyes and she begins to say, “Hi, I’m …” I gently place my finger on her lips and lean forward and whisper in her ear, “Shhhh, I got this.” I start to nibble on her ear her perfume smell so sweet and I begin to softly kiss on her neck. My hands slowly caress her lower back and slide down to her wonderful ass. I start pressing her backwards and moving my kisses down the from of her chest. When I back her into the kitchen counter, I pull back up to her ear and whisper, “You smell so good, I could just eat you up.” She sighs and I pick her up and sit her on the counter. I place my hands on her silky smooth legs and begin to kiss her left thigh. She now has an erotic breathing pattern, I make my way up with the kisses to see she is not wearing underwear. I make my way up to her honey pot, but I do not dig in yet. I slowly pass over only letting my breathe brush over her lips. I start in on her right thigh now, but she lets out a sigh of disappointment. I quicken my pace back to the top of her thigh, where I continue to tease by going over and around her sweet spot. After about two times around, she finally grabs me by the back of my head and buries my face in her pussy. I stick my tongue deep inside her because her sweet pussy taste so good. I move my hands up to her shoulders and slowly remove the straps of her dress from her shoulders. Then, I remove her bra to expose her harden nipples at the end of her wonderful breast. She is really enjoying the my tongue-lashing and starts to move her hips with my rhythm and has tightened the grip on the back of my head. I time the tweaking of her nipples with the rhythm we already have established. Moments later, her whole body quivers and I can taste her cum in my mouth.

In what seems like only a second, she hops down and guides me backwards into the next room while she is facing me and taking my pants off. We hit the couch and my pants are down and she is teasing my hard cock with her tongue. She licks up and down the sides and around the head before the takes me in her mouth. Her lips and tongue feel so warm and soft. I gaze deep into her eyes and then tell her, “you need to get that sweet pussy of yours back in my face.” With a huge smile, she lays me down and crawls on top for a 69. I start to lick on her clit and slide two fingers from my right hand in. She moans and begins to wildly suck my dick. Her head is twisting with every up and down motion and the cups my balls with her left hand while the right hand assists on my cock. I bend my fingers down in order to hit her G-spot and she begins to moan and cum in my mouth again. She turns around and tells me,” I need this hard cock in me now!”

I sit up on the middle of the couch and she climbs on top of me. I grab her by the ass and bury my face in her chest. She moans with excitement. I begin sucking on her nipples while she rocks away on my dick. I start telling her how good her wet pussy feels wrapped around my dick. She quickens the pace and I hold on tighter. Her pace soon slows down and I know she is tired, so I look her in the eyes and tell her I want to fuck her from behind. She grabs the back of the couch and hops off my dick. I stand up and she looks back with a smile that says that is what she had been waiting to hear. Her pussy is so wet and beautiful, I can see her juices glistening off of her lips. I smack her on the ass with my dick a couple of times before I slowly push the head of my cock in and make my way deep into her pussy. After establishing a rhythm, I start to smack her on her well shaped and rounded ass. She responds with, “Oh hell yeah!” I continue until I feel her about to climax. Now, I reach forward and grab her soft silky hair that is now damp from her sweat. I start to pull it and she cums all over my dick. Her whole body quivers for a couple of moments.

Now, I move her to the floor where I lay her flat on her stomach with her legs together. I straddle her and spread her ass open, but only to open the way to her pussy. I slide my dick in again and she begins to enjoy to sensation from the new position. I grab her arms and pull them down to her sides as I begin to wildly fuck her. She soon cums again and I know it is time. I lay down over her, with my dick still in her whisper in her ear,”I’m going to fuck you in the ass now.” She smiles wildly and nods. I pull my dick out her pussy and lean down to her ass and start licking it. It is so sweet. She enjoys the feeling. I tongue her ass for a few moments, then I take my dick and slowly start to press forward. I go slowly so not to hurt her. I push forward a little bit further with every stroke. Now, I can fuck the shit out of her. I pound her ass hard while I take turns between smacking her ass and pulling her hair. She begins to tell me how good it feels and I agree and tell her that her tight little ass hole feels so good wrap around my cock. She starts telling me she is about to cum again and I tell her so am I. I ask her where she would like it. She says, “All over my face.” I pull out, she rolls over, and with a big smile on both of our faces, I let my load go.

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