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8/5/2006 12:56 am

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8/11/2006 3:20 pm

More research...

G'day people - although quite why i say people i am not sure, as no one reads this nonsense anyway.

So something else has me curious,

Loads of womens profiles on here say "no nob pics" - i am guessing you all get hundreds of emails each day from men proud of their danglies. However, it seems a real turn off to you female types. So my question is...

Are you sure you about that?

I only ask because well over 90% of the male profiles have that pic and i am a believer in market forces. If a guy got more response form not having a nob pic then surely more than 90% would not have a nob pic and not the other way round.

Also the most popular male member - err member of the site I mean and not male nob - is Ben5400 who has a nob pic on his profile.

So come on ladies time to 'fess up - does this pathetic two and half inches of odd looking flesh do it for you or not? (Yes okay some men might have more than two and half inches and i might just be a small nobbed freak - actually it is oly one and a half, i used photoshop to make myself feel better!)

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