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5/9/2006 10:47 am
frist time

I was about 19 yrs old and I had an old buddy from high school up to visit and did not have a girlfriend so my girlfriend hooked him up with one of her friends and we went out to a movie and went to play some pool and and every thing was going perfect we were all conecting so we stopped at a place were I new I could by beer and some wine coolers and went back to my place. We were having a good time. I lived in a travel trailer at the time so there was only one bed and my friend and my grilfriends friend sliped out to my truck to get it on. Meanwhile me and my grilfriend were getting it hot and heavy. when we were finished Iwonderd what was taking then so long so I looked out the window and about that time they kicked my truck out of gear and it started to rol backward I jammed out the door completely naked ran to truck opend the door and steped on the e brake they were so ito it they didn't even notice the truck was moving. So standing there naked in their surprise I say acuse me and walked back in to my trailer. They finish and com back in and I suggest a geme of strip poker so everyone was game Man did we have fun. We drank some more and played untill we were all naked and I suggested that we swap and everyone agreed and then we inded up in a group and I kid you not the earth was quaken and I was shaken. it was the best encounter I have ever had.

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