friends, I don't want or need, thanks anyway  

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1/23/2006 7:15 pm

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friends, I don't want or need, thanks anyway

Someone wrote that a Blog was a natural phase in the healing process, that is to let it all out on this medium vs. another. I believe that may be possible to a point, I'm sure I'll look in other ways to deal with all my so called friends.

I've hated the "Silly City" for as long as I can remember, sick town with sicker people. Nothings changed a bit! You people who come around my door
DON'T, I won't be in! Don't call me as I won't answer, and don't wave if you see me on the streets. My friends no more you see, your all so scummy to me!!!!!

You with the bullshit so thick, you who has every excuse in the book to stop by, you who rhinks your helping me, PLEASE get the FUCK away from me.
Your conversation I don't need go find someone other to bleed. My energy's low as the night comes this way, I'll be gone as there's no place I'd want to stay. Each one of you so infantile I hope you gag on your own bile.

Yes it's me you see the one who saw through your pityfull disquise, You didn't think that I was that wise. I laugh in your face, so get the fuck out of my space. Be Gone you ugly vile creatures.
GET OUT and that's from ME

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