They sky is falling...Apart, The End is closer then you would think. post an opinion  

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They sky is falling...Apart, The End is closer then you would think. post an opinion


So quite playing with yourself for 10 minutes and read a little about something other then sex, put on some good trippy music. It ain’t going to kill you if you do, but it may destroy our future if you don’t. And please try to punch holes in my argument…The government does not want you to see this, if I suddenly disappear of this site or this post gets censored, you all know what happened.

Well, some of you might miss understand me, that’s not uncommon. But, the end is more like a century or two away. But as we all know it is pretty hard to kill off the entire human race in one fell swoop. And it is already beginning. Don't worry you will live a long and prosperous life (as long as you keep your shit straight) but what about your children's children? Or your families future after you are gone? How long is a century or two relative to the length of the human race's existence? Or better yet, the length of life as we know it on the planet earth. And what is a century to the creator of the universe (there is no way you can say all of existence was just a coincidence, a fluke, an accident. If you believe that, then your an idiot and need to crack open another beer or light up that crack pipe. And keep drowning your thoughts, and just click to another page). Moreover, I am not a firm believer in organized religion, because that is were man can add his taint of the seven deadly sins. Now I am not saying you need to go to church and pray for your sins and all that crap. Only you and HIM know where you stand. Just take this information and apply it to your life in some sort of way. Now I am going to hit you with some in depth concepts, that have been downsized for anyone to understand (if you need me to explain something, don’t be shy, email me and I will be glad to do it). I shall be your nabi (Hebrew for mouth piece). I don't want any credit for this, I only saw it, just take the information and tell three people (trinity) you love and/or know.

Now, I am currently studying Oceanography in college and learning about global warming. The main cause of Global warming is a massive amount of greenhouse gases being dumped into the atmosphere. Common knowledge right? Also, water has an incredible capacity for heat. Have you ever gone to the beach at night, and wondered why the water is so warm, but when you get out you are extremely cold? Did you know that the water molecules that make up a wave are not actually moving forward with the wave, that they are just merely transferring energy?

The Main gas that is being pumped into our atmosphere is Carbon Dioxide. It comes from the fossil fuels that we dig up and burn in the form of coal, gasoline, etc. It comes from deep under the ground… it is dead organic matter... In turn what this does is cause a very slight increase in climate through out our world, due to the fact that it is trapping more of the sun’s rays, and losing the ability to re-radiate them out into space. This is only a first part of the main problem.

Maybe we should try using the soles of our feet a little more.

However, we all know that ice can melt with a change in temperature from 0 degrees to 1 degree Celsius, almost instantaneously liquidation (in geological terms). We all have know that since we where children. Like when we would miss a day at school because it snowed. We would go to sleep and the grass on the ground was dead, the trees stripped bare of their leafs (family values in America…maybe?).

And when
we all
the next day,
pure white,
purity in
its most pure form,

IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).
- made up of 2000 climate scientists
- over 100 nations are involved
- info reviewed by 17 separate National Academy of Science

Here are some of their findings that they discovered for the average climate of the earth.
-1990: First observations some what unclear
- 1995: 1-3.5*Celsius increase by 2100A.D.
-2001: 1.4-5.8*Celsius increase by 2100A.D.
The more they research, the scarier it gets.

Now the global temperature is about 16 Celsius on average. DON’T STOP READING I AM ALMOST DONE WITH THE SCINECE.

So, theoretically given time and heat, the ice caps are slowly beginning to melt…They have already begun to let you know, there is no solid mass of ice in the artic anymore. One of our main concerns is the massive amount of water soon to be in our worlds oceans, this will cause greater flooding and more hurricanes. This in turn will spread death, pestilence, and famine (just look at New Orleans). This is the second part…

Hmmm we seem to be missing one, war maybe?…Or maybe he is already here, under our noses posing as a false profit.

Now this part is key, the massive amount of water will also disrupt the flow of our currents and tides in the world’s oceans. Our currents and tides are the driving force for the earth to redistribute heat in the world. Ever wonder why Canada and England are on the same latitude, but England is no were nearly as cold, but is very cloudy and rainy? (If you have questions on currents I can help you out there). It is like throwing a monkey wrench in the works. And it all comes crashing down. Once the earth loses its ability to redistribute heat, then comes the cooling. And human kind will enter a new ice age, a long snow day, waking up to late to realize it, unless we do something about it now. This is the third and final part…

Jesus didn’t care if you where a whore (slut), diseased (STD), or possessed by demons (Addiction). But that is only half of the deal, half the equation.

No blood for Oil…
...And the dead shall rise.

Matthew 13:39 The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.
40 As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.

"... And Satan does not want us to read nor understand it, because it shows the total failure of Satan and his followers... and for centuries Satan has almost succeeded... but he always eventually fails!... read Revelation with much love and a little humility, and you will understand it as a glorious tool to help many to go to Heaven.

Man and woman are free, responsible, immortals like God, made to love eternally like God... but, in their freedom, they can choose to fall into the abyss of the Devil."

The knowledge is contagious, and it is spreading.–Me

Ignorance is the spawning ground for evil, hate, racism, and stupidity.–Me.

In our weakness, we find strength. – Anonymous, probably some A.A. meeting I had to attend.

Maybe I am going insane, or I am becoming sane in an insane world. Where everything must be moving, harder, faster, better, stronger all the time. I think Pearl Jam summed it up with their song “Do the Evolution”. If I went through all this work and trouble to make a point; do you really think I am really going to fuck with your computer? Besides it’s a great video, and if you haven’t seen it you don’t know what your missing… Go ahead click it, the unknown can be strangely familiar sometimes.

Or maybe it was the comedian Bill Hicks who said it the best, I don’t remember exactly how it goes but it’s along the lines of you never here anything good about drugs in the news, “Today young men on acid realized that matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. That we are all one conscious experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream in which we are an imagination of ourselves…Here’s Tom with the weather” (Bill’s exact words).
Fears calmed with the weather…

00111001100001111110001111 = Positive and Negative = Hot and Cold. The ghost in the shell, Deus ex machina, The force’s that push and pull. We can control and change our environment with just the simple act of will. And we only use about 10% of our brain, imagine the power if we could use 15%, 20%, or what about 100%. Some of these forces are unseen and will always remain that way to the untrained eye. Think of it as driving a car, and the space between you and the car ahead is always about the same (give or take a few feet). You use the power of your sight and logic to keep you from slamming into the back of other car. But what happens when your not paying attention for a split second, or if you are driving under the influence of something? Not all the time, but there is always a chance you will crash and burn.

I cannot take you through such a journey, you will have to travel it yourself, otherwise you will never understand. Start here, then download Third Eye and if you can’t figure it out sober. Then eat a lot of mush, lock yourself in a room, have a computer (with internet access), and throw away the key for a day until you come down. If that doesn’t work, you are damned, and I am truly sorry for the both of us…

(I was not under the influence of any substance’s while writing all of this).

And anyway, I know I don’t either of them. Maybe, someday I will. But aren’t these the most important things in life? Are they not worth saving for the coming generations?

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3/6/2006 12:21 pm

Wow...Really? No one gives a rats ass about this. Huh, I become more fearful as the time passes by and no one cares...

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3/6/2006 12:22 pm

hmmm, I wonder why you all can't go to any of the websites I posted...Just think about it.

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