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9/11/2006 5:37 pm

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YG radio signing off the air....

From the Nevada desert to the moist woods of the California Serra's I am home. I have traveled, I have lived. I am so far removed from everything at this moment.

My first official day back in SF. I cannot relate well to anyone who was not at BRC. I am out of sorts lost without my tribe, we speak the same language. To say that I am experiencing a culture shock is an understatement. Some of you may or may not grasp what I am saying. But take a deeper look, you may find some parallels between us.

I woke up last night and had no idea where I was... I thought I was still in the desert, Black Rock City, NV. The event Burning man.

An experiment in temporary community which started in SF 26 years ago. The event has gone beyond a counter culture event into a global community of artist and social revolutionaries. For seven days and nights, we are bound together by social contrast, tolerance and cooperation. Dedicated to art and the freedom of self expression then it disappears like the blink of the eye. Our city and lives once together are gone. Words, stories and photos cannot fully explain this event, one must live it.

This year the weather was perfect the city vibrant, colorful and alive. The installations this year brought tears to my eyes. I'm talking ART here!

The integrity and devotion to build leaves me breathless. It's all about creation, and the freedom to do so. I am deeply moved and in tears that I am not still in my city.

My favorite installation this year was the Belgium Waffle. Ninety artists from Belgium shipped 100 miles of wooden beams to the playa, and nail-gunned them into a free-form cavern 15 stories high. It looked like a giant's haystack twisted into a computer model of a wave, with curved entrances on four sides which appeared to drip, defying gravity. No model was used, it was free form and built from the bottom up. This was a $30,000. art project that was buried on Sunday evening.

The "Waffle" was the biggest draw at night and from a distance the neon-green light looked like a space ship had landed in the desert.

Basking in the Nevada sun, sprawled under a canopy of blue sky. Everything just slows down. Naked with my partner, lying on the playa looking up towards the sky, not a sound to be heard. My mind, heart and spirit wide open. The vast desert before me stretches for miles, I am completely aware of everything around me. In scale to the desert, I am merely a small speck... like the size of an ant.

We camped on 4:20 and Guess and our neighbors were from SF and the bay area. What a lively group. They had the most amazing set up, fully contained. We arrived in the middle of a dust storm, we tried to set up only to be brought down by a strong wind which it looked like a tornado in Kansas - I'm not kidding here. One man near us fell from a high platform to the earth and broke his nose. The medics wanted to fly him into Reno since he was in bad shape, but he said no and would take care of himself... he didn't trust western medicine. I also heard there was a death this year, it's been four years since someone as died in our city.

The event brings out some of the most beautiful people on this earth from every corner of the globe. Eye candy for all. Sexy, sexy people all around me, some dressed, some partially dress many without clothes.

You can always tell a newbie, they wear god awful street clothes and stare as if you have leprosy.

No spectators please.

I read poetry to my camp mates. I practiced yoga everyday in spite of how much sleep I got the night before. During my down time, I would paint with my water colors and give out little gifts of what I had painted to my new friends. I cooked meals and shared every thing I had to become a part of a community.

With so many beautiful, open minded and varied souls walking about, we all had one thing on our mind, SEX. Everyone had a condom in their pocket! I did meet a man. I met several men in fact but one man stole my heart.

He found me showering outside under the sun on my first day home. I just built my sun shower and I was trying it out. He watched me as I lathered my body and asked if he could wash my hair. He did. We become lovers the next day and he is still my lover now that I am home. Before arriving home in SF, we spent a few days together with a bunch a people up in Truckee, CA. I love the woods, the mountains. The contrast from desert to moist mountain range was far out! I needed that, we all needed that.

My new lover. We made love just about everyday sometimes twice a day. My live in partner embraced my new lover and let us be.

Love is about giving, not receiving. My partner has given me the greatest gift of all, his love.

I am very fortunate to live the life I do. I am grateful, I am blessed. Never do I take a single moment of life for granted.

Signing off.

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