Tales of the city... sinful delights  

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3/2/2006 9:45 am

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Tales of the city... sinful delights

Often I find myself with people I feel that I have lived with in another time and place. Like these far out bohemians in this flat in North Beach. Artist, musicans, writers, trust fund hippies. I really think it's SF, people come from all over the world to explore this town and the people here are pretty out there... out there meaning they are real and in touch.

We all share stories in this smoked filled room, great music fills the flat. My new friend is really sexy and so cute... and he likes me. He's also packing something very large in his pants. It's nearly 5am, I am feeling sleeply now and need to rest. We climb into his bed and we rest with our clothes on. But we explore each other without undressing and it's very beautiful. We sleep until about 9am and he is fondling my body and decides to give me oral sex. He doesn't ask for his own pleasure as he worships the vaginia, so I do not hesitate and I allow him to please me. He is loving my clitoris, tells me it's huge and I slip away into pleasure. I cum hard and he is pleased. He kisses me so I can taste my fuilds. He does have large penise, very hard and eager. I play with it and in no time he has his pleasure.

We rest a little more then climb into this old fashion claw bath tub that is wide enough and deep enough for two. We bathe and play a little Miles Davis in the bathroom.

We dressed, hand in hand we head down to Grant/Vallejo street and find a little table at Caffe` Trieste for the best espresso in town. This historic caffe located on Vallejo Street was the first espresso coffee house established on the West Coast (1956). It has become famous across the world for its combination of essences: Old Italy, Bohemian poets, art and music, and excellent Espresso.

Over coffee, we talk the situation at hand. I tell him that I am exploring a poly life style... it goes on. We talked about Jordon for some reason, I tell him might be going to Petra next year. He picks my brain about my practice. He tells me he is working on this Ph.D and tells about his family. He is eager to meet my guy and says he would like to have a three some, I really dig MFM action. So we sit back, sip our coffee and taken in the moment.

Peace everyone!

pimpernel42 42M
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3/3/2006 9:55 pm

That story was just plain hot. This is a good example of why I love living in the bay area.

Only thing the story was missing was chocolate and champagne.

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