Tales of the city... mad Russian tea party.  

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3/6/2006 5:42 pm

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Tales of the city... mad Russian tea party.

The mind has a selective memory and how we retain only what we want to, and how easily we discard the rest.

In blogging, it's truly amazing how the thought process starts moving and flowing, awakening the subconscious mind into now. Random thoughts, visions, desires pop up... it's all very real and very much in the now.

I went to a party on Saturday night and I'm calling it the "Mad Russian tea party". My new neighbors are these young kids just out of college who just happen to be burners... thank you there is a god since they live right below me. These kids are of Russian decent and are very active in their community.

I do not keep a regular schedule and music fills my flat at all hours as music is a great source of inspiration. So these are my people, urban, hip in the now... they know how to have a good time, we are birds of a feather.

Arriving in the flat below for dinner around 8pm, it was so family like, warm and comfortable. At the dinner table sat this lively group with a lot of yummy food before them. Eating, laughing, drinking, sharing stories. The food was Eastern European but with a vegetarian organic twist - only in San Francisco. These young kids were extremely intelligent and intuitive to everything and everybody. My profession comes up, oh she's a yoga teacher. Believe me, I am humble with my practice, not boastful in any way. But my brain was picked a thousand times over. I was challenged metaphysically speaking, and I could always tell those with a science back ground as they totally debate everything I say. It's all in good fun... I go with the flow.

Over dinner, the door bell kept ringing. More friends, more people. It got to a point where we had to move the dinning table to the corner of the room to accommodate the new arrivals. More people, more food, more wine, more spirits.

It was an electic group of people, really beautiful.

Around 11:30pm, a large hookah was in the center of the living room, throw pillows and bodies every where. I'm thinking Morocco... no, more like St. Petersburg! Music begins to play, and these beautiful women start dancing for our pleasure. The art of belly dancing I know first hand, I dance weekly with a group. Sensual, seductive and tempting. I get up, I dance, I flirt and entice those around me to dance. Lots of bodies moving, lots of people touching. It's good fun. I need to rest a bit on the sofa, there sitting alone was this really cute boy from Siberia, he's very cool, nice guy. He's drinking Russian Vodka naturally and offers me some. We drink, we dance. It was getting pretty crazy and out of control at one point. So many people dancing away... great party, great energy.

Our host E, decides it's time to bring it down a notch or two and we all sat around the hookah to puff a bit more and two guitars are set up with a Mic and amplifier. This was so much fun. These men playing and singing to entertaining us for several more hours... yeah it was good.

This was a really nice party, I have great new neighbors.

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