Only in California....  

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5/16/2006 11:22 am

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Only in California....

can you hike in the woods with lush ferns that cover the floor while giant redwoods extend to the sky. Hop in your car and and in no time, you'll find yourself on a tropical white sand beach. I Love this place! Big Sur, Carmel, Gorda, Lucia... beautiful coastal California.

I back packed for three days on the coast. Hiked through lush forests, crossed rivers, streams and sat at the foot of the falls. There is a feeling of being so far removed from everything and everybody. Clearing the mind, enlightening the spirit is what I was seeking on the coast. I found myself connected to the universe while the full moon on Saturday lite up the night sky over the Pacific.

It was all very powerful, I felt complete. If I died that night, I would've died contented.

I fed my mind at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur and felt Millers' energy all around me. I am very fond of Henry Miller's work, he was a very, very naughty man.

I had lovely, erotic sex with my partner in a field with hawks flying over head and cute little prairie dogs running around. The cooling mist of the ocean on my skin heightent the sexual act. I left my body that afternoon. The smell of sea was fresh and lively, post coital bliss as I lied in the sun naked on the beach. I wrote poetry with great affection to another man, while my lover brushed my hair... Henry Miller would've approved.

Henry Rollins was a guest speaker on Saturday night in the amphitheater at the HM Library. I found myself amongst some of the most liberal and intellectual people in the area and sat under a canopy of redwoods. Rollins rocked, shook things up inside of me and made me think. I laughed so hard my face was sore the next day. Rollins spoke of many things, but mainly he expressed the dismay for the state of our country which truly sucks right now.

My 9 yr. old son would rather live in Canada or South America - Argentina to be exact then to be here, he's pretty aware for his age.

Bush fucked up everything. Not only has our nation suffered, but the entire WORLD! We are so blind as a nation, wake up America! Generations to come will suffer from the stupidity of one man. And all I ask is why?

I am not holding on to anger regarding Bush, he's human and we all make mistakes. He's made way too many mistakes, and costly ones at that. Do you think your SS when you retire will be enough to live on?

I don't think so.

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