It was so good  

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3/29/2006 3:30 pm

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It was so good

On the Northern tip of the big Island, North Kohala is the birth city to King Kamehameha the Great who united the Hawaiian islands. I was living in Kaapau town, invited to teach yoga on the island and to experience the richness that was around me. Tourist pass through but don't stop... there is nothing there to see, no fancy hotels, nor resturants just people living a normal life.

To process all that has happened to me over the past 14 days is very difficult. My adjustment to life in SF at the moment is most challenging. I wake up in the middle of the night and have no idea of where I am. This only happens to me when I really step out of myself and live. I was embraced by a community of beautiful people on the island who treated me like a local and there sister. That was very powerful.

I had body work on my second day in the gazebo on my friends property. The garden was mature and lush, wild and exotic. The spirits of the land blessed me that day, as this body worker released some past life regressions. I wept, I was completely naked at that point. Every cell, every pore opened, my mind, my heart, my soul free. Total transformation on the massage table that day. I believe that was my friends intention. I am forever grateful to him.

I had no car, no phone, no computer just love and community. I walked alot and found solace within and put to rest my demons and lived. I am truly humble as my yoga practice was well received. I was a hit, it's hard saying that but it's true.

After being on the island for two days, I met a man in a sushi bar. I was with my friend/host and everyone thought we were a couple right away. So this man treaded lightly for about a five days not sure how to ask my host about me. This man was so taken by me, but he was shy. The next time I saw him at sushi rock, he stopped me and looked at me and said, "When am I going to see you again"? I said, how about tonight.

I was a naughty girl. I was staying in the guest house which is sperate cottage with a hot tub. I was spoiled, well taken care of and the guest of a very, very rich man.

Around midnight, my host went to bed. I went quickly into the main house and rang up this man. We chatted and he came over. It really didn't take us very long before we were wrapped up in each other. OH my, what great passion, I close my eyes and I still feel him... hmmmm... it was so good.

We spent alot of time together, he was a poet an artist a thinker... just my type.

We shared loved for four days in paradise. I went to parties, music events, saturday was simple and non-assuming. He was seven years younger then me and so beautiful. He treated me like a goddess. I extended my stay on the island for four nights to be with him. I had to leave the guest house since new guest were arriving. So my lover found me a room in a little B&B. It was our heaven for the remaining time that I had on the island. I find myself masterbating and thinking of him, he was very potent and virle. Oh yes, it was so good.

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