Here today gone tomorrow.....  

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1/24/2006 9:22 pm

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Here today gone tomorrow.....

Life has taken me on a journey again.... I am fine and hope you are too!

The story of girl meets boy.

I was invited to a party held at a photography studio by a friend who spins some delicous music, you know hip swaying music. My Dj buddy needs my dance energy , so I go to this party dressed up in my best playa attire - The Playa as in burningman. The theme of the party is animal so I go as my favorite kitty but with a urban tribal twist to it all.

The studio was awesome, the lights, the music and the people seemed really cool. There was a mixture of urban hipsters, geeky techy types, posers dressed to the nine and funky BM freaks - no BDSM types at this party... so it was a tame group.

I made my way through the crowd smiling and dancing. I felt so beautiful, but I didn't know a soul and my Dj friend was no where to be found for hours so I bascially crashed this party. I found the bar and had a soda water with lime and found a little 420 and just floated about. I made friends easily that night and I caught the eye of an attractive long haired boy who was holding an amazing camera, he was taking photos of me.

I really didn't make to much out of it, the photo taking. I like cameras, I can be a ham and photograhpers dig it when people can work the camera without being shy... so I did.

From a distance, the music began and to my delight my dj was there. So I danced, and I danced and I danced some more. Nearing 1am, I had to sit for a while and rest my feet. My photo taking friend came right up to me while sitting on the sofa and said, " Can I kiss you? " It was sweet and sincern and straight to the point... loved it. So I kissed and kissed and kissed some more. Nearly out of breath, this boy said, " I cannot lose you " ....please come with me to another party... I couldn't but we exchanged digits.

I spoke to him before going to bed sitting in my car just outside of my home. I said, " Can you flow with me, can we go back to where we left off in just 9 hours? ".

He said yes.

It was a date, a true date and I ate it all up. I love meeting people this way, none of this BS on -line dating. We stayed together until the next morning. I cannot go into many details as I may violate the terms of use on AdultFriendFinder.

But those moments did include lots of sparkling wine and Chambord and lots of light both inner and outter.

I can write more later.

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