Get Real!  

yogagrrl 49
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12/20/2005 9:18 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Get Real!

I shouldn't be here ranting like this but I had to say a few things before going to bed. Faceless men, please stop sending me notes. You are not brave enough to show your identity and you expect us females to respond to your notes... I don't think so! It's BS that you hide away, and it makes me sad that you live in fear.

Do you really think your wife or boss is going to see you here, I certainly don't think so.

Also, whats up with the upper case typing, why are you shouting at me?

On a positive note, I have made progress! There is a certain someone who has my attention.

Good night lovelies!

im_your_man77 40M
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12/21/2005 1:48 am

About time too, if all goes well in that front you might not need that membership upgrade. That's quite a picture there, yes I did just notice it, before then I was checking for caps lock.

4The_Fun_of_it 44M/45F

12/24/2005 12:13 am

I guess I am the type of person that is comfortable with head and body shots... But, the nakie pics are reserved for the special people upon request. That's what I like about AdultFriendFinder. You can lock your albums down. muhahaha Seems like women like head/body shots better than just cock shots anyways. I just bought a digital camera and finally snapped some fairly decent shots. MUCH better than the crappy web cam shots I had. I just change my profile, so hopfully it will update soon.

I am glad you may have found someone. He is a lucky dude. I you have lots of fun...

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