Fever for the Man  

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8/23/2006 9:10 am

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Fever for the Man

I'm not talking about a real man with a real penis but a dusty wooden man who stands erect and nearly 40 feet tall in the center of his city.

Every where I go, the talk is about the burn at least in my community. Every time I pick up my phone, it's related to the burn.

For those who have no clue as to what I'm talking about, I cannot explain Burning Man to you. It would be like trying to explain color to a blind man. You must live it.

This is an experiment in temporary community. We build a city the way we see fit. The world which you and I live in is a default city. Imagine building your city of dreams. That's BRC.

For those who have expressed dislike for me, you now say I'm a narcissist and self absorbed. I'm sorry you feel so much anger. You would not enjoy this event what so ever. I do live in another world, in another time and place and that's okay. I'm happy and so are my loved ones. I'm sane, keep a job, my home and cause no harm to others. B

Often when do not understand something it causes a negative chemical reaction in the brain which often results in anger or hate. The fear of not understanding.

I think John Lennon said it best.

" Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstands are all you see, it's harder to be someone but it all works out and it doesn't matter much to me"

Strawberry fields forever. I love you John.

Playa visions....

I stand alone way out there in the desert, the playa. I close my eyes as I feel the heat, it's nearing 100*. It's gonna be extra cold tonight, I must sleep with thermals and my wool cap.

I sense the wind coming up behind me. These afternoon wind storms often white out the city. These winds are sometimes up to 50mph if you're camp and shelter is not secure you can lose everything with the blink of the eye.

I stand frozen in time... what's my next move? Or do I move at all? I let the dust storm pass. I cannot move. If I did move, I could be hit by an art car or a bicycle. Lots of people panic during white outs, they freak out and get hurt. It's best to stand still, count your blessings and breathe.

The sound of music lingers in air, the smell of cloves, sage, green bud around me. I hear voices but I cannot see anyone. I call out, making my presence known. I get a friendly, "Hello sister... are you okay"? I haven't showered in three days, I'm dusty, funked out but having the time of my life. The dust storm clears, it's a beautiful day in Black rock city.

Over at the landing strip planes fly into the city from all over the country. Sky divers over the desert just amaze me, their aerial photography is awesome. J. that sexy guy I met last year from Dallas is flying in. Can't wait to see him and fly over the city in his plane.

Looking forward to night time, when the city is lite up. I just finished sewing EL wire to my jacket so I am lite up like a christmas tree, I need to be, I don't want to get hit. Fire dancers spinning poi, drum circles, freaks, vampires, clowns, bunnies... even Santa Claus is running around. Think Disney Land's Eclectic light parade or Las Vegas at night but with an edgy dark side.

Radical self reliance meaning that, one must be able to survive on their own and be responsible for their actions in word and deed. Leave no trace meaning that: you haul it in, you haul it out. It's major work planning, it's no holiday or vacation, it's dirty, dusty but so much fun. This event has cause death in the past. The environment is harsh and unkind. People do get a bit crazy and too fucked up. I stay mellow just in case I need to help someone. I do get high on my environment. I don't need anything to alter my state of consciousness I'm already high on the vibe around me.

Creativity, freedom, interaction, open exchange, love, hope, fear community.

My costumes and gear are packed in plastic bins, my case of Monet/Chandon white star is in the garage. We plan to build a home with three tents, and a shade structure from parachute. Last year my home looked like something out of Lawrence of Arabia. It was beautiful. I thank my loving partners` vision. We had Persian rugs, throw pillows, following fabrics, very exotic.

No RV for this girl, I don't need to plug in to my hair dyer, I haven't washed my hair in days. We've had many wonderful gatherings at our home. You meet all types, all are welcomed to just stroll in, to make themselves at home and share what they have with you. That's community and I've never experience this kind of community, love, kindness and acceptance any where else in the world.

I have friends coming in from all over the globe. London, Paris, Singapore, Austria, Hawaii, Canada and the East coast.

My core group is already there driving stakes into ground building our city of dreams. I receive emails daily on the conditions of the playa, the heat the dust, the vibe of the city.

Home sick, anxious, thrilled, etastic! I'm leaving on Saturday I'm going home.

One thing Burning Man has taught me is to listen to others with an open heart and an open mind. To be able to speak my mind freely and to be heard. It has also taught me to live on very little, to survive in a harsh environment on my own. Most women cannot handle this event, I've had women friends leave just after two days. The ones who do survive and make it, are some of the most powerful, wise, beautiful and sexy women I have ever met. Generally I fast and purge when I get home it's helps me to blend back into my life and my home away from home.


Translation: " The divine in my honors the divine within you"

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