At last...  

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5/19/2006 9:10 am

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At last...

I met him. After a few weeks of trying to arrange our schedules we finally sat down face to face.

I found parking in the warehouse district. This is not your typical neighborhood. It's industrial and urban; artist lofts and old warehouse buildings.

I arrived at his loft, rang the bell, he buzzed me up. I hiked up four flights of stairs and my imagination went wild. Listening to the sounds of my heels on the stairs and the echo from my heels that bounced off the walls. The hall was well lit, my shadow followed me as I climbed each step. I felt my heart racing... step after step I climbed up until I stood in front of his door.

I had only spoken to him once although we had exchanged many emails while he traveled. Still, I had a good feeling about him. I knocked... he swung open the door. I was so delightfully surprised to see this very handsome man with a huge smile waiting for me. He embraced me, and showed me his beautiful home, which was an open and spacious loft. Music filled his home, he is a professional artist and a trained classical pianist. The baby grand in the middle of the room reminded me of ballet classes in my youth, it was so beautiful I wanted to dance.

He led me to the kitchen, opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of Champagne. While he opened the cabinet for glasses, I watched his body move. He is very attractive, very yummy. We toasted to now and begin the slow process of unwinding and letting go. I have never waited so long to meet a man, but the wait was so well worth it.

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