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4/6/2005 1:05 am

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Once we used our words
Just to talk
To make each other laugh

Later on we used our words
Words to explain
Words to express our love

Just why, some day
I don稚 know why
What did happen or changed

We no longer use our words
Our words to laugh
Our words of love

Just use words to hurt
To hurt as deep as possible
Day after day

In the evening u use them
Clearly choose them to hurt
And I keep my mouth shut

In the morning u use them
Again they hurt me
And me I値l keep my silence

Because I am afraid
Afraid of loosing
Losing what is my most dearest

That little thing
We put on the world
That was once the expression of our love

Therefore I値l keep my silence
Endure it all
And once again I値l hide

I値l hide behind my paper
Reading words in silence
For not hearing your hurting ones

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