Sex during the period..... or... BLOODLUST  

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5/1/2005 2:18 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sex during the period..... or... BLOODLUST

Well, this is a VERY divided topic I feel. I AM NOT A SICKO! Though I have to warn you, the presence of blood can do strange things to both male and female. So just remember, I have behave strangely while having sex in your period like I did, it is perfectly natural belive it or not. I love it actually, but some guys would be terrified. My girlfriend was scared at first but she tottaly got off on it something fierce. If you really know someone and more importantly you know they are clean. For the woman, if she does not feel embarassed by the blood, it can be a very carnal experience with a lot of raw sexual energy. My ex loved it, it was like we were animals, very primal. She was very sensitive, her hormones were raging and it made her cum like crazy, especially the oral. It made her so wet. If no oral, lube is definitely needed. The smell of rust and blood unlocks something latent in our DNA I think. Some wussy guys would shy away, but if u got them to try they would probably get off on it. It felt so taboo afterwards, like I was a Vampire or something. On a lite day this may have minimal mess, but this was a little heavier of a day for her and she got so wet that her juices mixed with the blood and it was like a murder scene after wards. If your concerned with mess, get towels and avoid woman on top. That was messy. I actually ate her out too, which was very primitive feeling, and the blood actually gave me a kind of high. Our adrenaline was incredible. You won't care about the mess while having intercourse because you'll feel like your flying. I'm not into freaky sex either but this was other-worldly. it was kind of like the scene in "The DOORS" with Morrison and Patricia. WILD. We took a shower together after, (which on a medium to heavy flow day is mandatory,) which was very sexy. It was so hot making out as the water ran over our trembling bodies, while the blood circled the drain. I know, sounds like something out of a hooror flick, but has too be tried to be understood. It feels a little different too. VERY SEXY!

vegas_sinner04 31F

5/3/2005 8:33 am

wow. that's interesting. i wouldn't be down with it but hey, whatever floats your boat.

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