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yearofthemonkey 62F
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7/18/2006 6:02 pm
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i am a mod for 2 groups on AdultFriendFinder, 1 does not seem to b doing too good, so i decided to create another group that is the opposite,let me explain: the group that is almost dead is"younger women for older men" the poor men on there hoping for some young pussy are being disappointed, young women do not seem to b THAT adventerous on the other hand i'v been hollered at and have met several men younger then myselfin their 20's and early 30's, so the new group is "older women for younger men",keeping my fingers crosed that it will do better.. there is plenty of adventerous young cock to be had personal preference is for the older men; but i'm not about to turn down any offer age has more to bring to the table then white hair and wrinkles,they are more settled more experienced lovers and make great teachers!

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