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another notch

sat 6/17 7 pm
met with with fl.rascal
a sexy passionate older man,we hugged at the door then i dragged him to my room not that he was putting up much of a struggle
the hugging got hot n heavy once we were in my room and i closed the door,i simply told him that i was going to finish off my outfit by putting on a hat but he caught me by surprise, time had passed way too fast ,he then sat on the edge of the bed and began taking his socks and shoes off but before he could finish i snuk up behind him and pulled him backwards on the bed and began to passionately kiss and nibble his neck and lips sneaking my hands under his shirt and playing,pulling on his nipples then i undid his belt and unziped his pants to let jr. out to play.
finally we both stripped and lay on the bed where i attacked his cock wiht my lips and tongue,bringing jr. to attentionwhile he played wiht my pussytill i began to develop a strong itch that only a good hard fuck could satisfy,so i asked him if he was ready ,i got a yes, i spread my legs wide and he pointed jr. to the spot only jr. had gone down and pussy was too slippery,so we both kind of giggled and i went down on him again . m r. rooster back up; this time we decided that i would get on top ;0 which i did but while trying to get into a better position my thigh cramped, DAMN! ws anything going to go right!back down to work on his cock while he kept finger fucking my pussy but what it really needed was to feel a cock inside!
we gave it another try and this time NO CRAMPS!woohoooooo ride the cow poke!i rode him slow and deep wiggling on top of that cock feelling it slide in n out filling my hungry hungry pussy, while we were both playing wiht each other's nipples rubbing and pulling on them , got a nice smooth ride till my other leg begn to cramp,ouch!so off again back to cuddling and massagging and of course paying special attention to his cock til i felt him explode in my to say 1 thing for the man;his cock kept going down but it didn't take long to get it back up and ready to play! being with him was 1 my more enjoyable experiences....

spoke wiht croc on the phone yesterday,interesting hard working man,looking fwd to someday meeting in person. have been online a lot recently that is because i'v finally decided to try out a gr aphic program that i have installe don my comp and am slowly learning how to work the differnt toggles and make beautifull pictures there is still a lot i need to learn but i'm getting there!dome og my time online is spent uploading the jpgs to a free storage site and trying to place them in the appropriate folders
there is a swinger's party in the works for this wk end, hope i can find a ride there..

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