Love Vs Lust  

ycntwebfriends 51M
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4/17/2006 8:57 pm
Love Vs Lust

Well I hope that this isnt just me but there is a line that we must all draw in our lives.The decision of defining our views and feelings between Love and Lust.

For some, you must have one to support the other.They work as a unit and seem to be an unsepratable intity.For others the work individually and have a life all there own.

Lets take a happily married or attatched couple that has a great realationship,They discuss every decision together,they stimulate each other intellectually,It seems all they do just falls into place.The sexual aspect of there lives has fulfilled both parties.LOVE?

Even with all the benifits of the above discription.A couple or individual will always desire the company of a person that may stimulate another side of them.Maybe they dont even realize that they have that side too them.Lust?

So,where do we draw the line or do we? Should we limit ourself to one outlook or fianl view.I believe that we all can have both and still be open to change.

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