Round Three.....crossing fingers...please, please, please  

yagottalikit 50F
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10/27/2005 6:57 am

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Round Three.....crossing fingers...please, please, please

I Love You.....AND You

~If it's just that you're weak, can we talk about it? It's gettin so damn creepy just nursin' this ghost of a chance ~ the fiction of romance and the technicolor dreams ~

-Black and White People - Rob Thomas (of course)

Can you be in love with two people at the same time? (and for all you smartasses out there: I'm talking "IN LOVE". Not family, friends, Rob Thomas', etc.)

Remember that sappy song ~ "Torn Between Two Lovers"? That sorta thing....(great, now that song will be stuck in my head for a while!)

If you answer "yes, I could be or have been "IN LOVE" with two at once", tell me, what's the end result? Obviously, something's gotta give, eventually. Right?

Just a few scenarios I envision:

You're in love with both:
1. They both feel the same about you ~ but, not each other.
2. They both love you back AND love each other.
3. They both love each other ~ but, NOT YOU.
4. One is free to love you ~ one isn't.
5. Neither are free to love you.
6. Both are free ~ but, they don't charge anyone else, either.
7. One doesn't give a shit who you love ~ one does.
8. Neither gives a shit about love.
9. Neither gives a shit about your love. (or you, for that matter)
10. One loves you more than you them.
11. You love the one that isn't free/doesn't love you ~ more than the other.
12. The other has become verrrrry loving and has begun stalking you........

These are just a few examples.

In many of these, the fact there may be a dilemna seems ridiculous ~ however, "we can't help who we fall in love with", right? BULLSHIT!
That phrase was created as an excuse for inexcusable behavior! (Sorry about stealing your husband, sis, we can't help who we fall in love with) (Oh, I understand, sis, so I guess you don't mind that I fell in love with the man who molested your children....he's being released next week. I couldn't help who I fell in love with.)
Bunch of rubbish!

So, can you love more than one person at a time? Sure. You might even love them truly, madly and deeply. But you cannot be "IN LOVE" with both of them. The one you're "IN LOVE" with is the one you cannot fathom life without...the one you would not let go of so easily. The one you'd do anything (short of criminal activity and/or (pehaps) compromising your dignity, morals, safety, etc.) to hold on to.

The one you're "IN LOVE" with leaves your heart and soul full and content, with no need for others. This love is something special ~ something rare ~ something you cherish ~ something that belongs to only one.
(Idealistic, yes. Essentially, it's truth.)

Mind you, when I say "no need for others" I am not referring to physical desires/needs or companionship.....I'm saying if you are "IN LOVE", there's no need to be "IN LOVE" with another. Tends to trivialize the concept of being "IN LOVE" ~ don't ya think?

So, love more than one all you want ~ reserve being "IN LOVE" for the ultimate.......

(gawd ~ who wrote this sappy drivel? Must've been the other twin (never evil, just different!)

That's just my idea of what love should be ~
Anything else is an excuse to have the cherry on top of the icing on the cake you wanna eat, too.

~ Anything else is weak ~

Yagotta get it soft and wet so we can kick/stick it

rm_4nik8_4u 62M
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10/27/2005 9:10 am


Can I eat my cake now?

(Juan S)
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10/28/2005 12:43 am

Definately "IN LOVE" is the ultimate...and you are right. It has nothing to do sometimes with physical needs/companionship etc. Hopefully the person you fall in love with, you are able to be completely honest with them and for them to be completely honest with you.
The biggest thing that hurts an IN LOVE relationship is betrayal. Anybody that is real if they are getting what they need from the relationship is going to have your back no matter what. Its what I sometimes refer to as a "RIDE OR DIE" relationship. That is the type of Love that I seek myself. Why? Because that is what I bring to the table... possessions, position, status...those things come and go...Love is Eternal.

rm_hinkawaza 53M
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10/28/2005 10:14 am

Well, seeing as you are reffering to "the other twin" that implies two other than yourself and that would be triplets!

yagottalikit 50F
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10/29/2005 7:39 am

4nik8ME ~ yes, you may....and you can even have the cherry~

So true, Sizzlin One ~ I do hope that kind of love comes into your life, soon. You SO deserve it!

All right Mr. Smartyparts.....if I am one twin then the "twin" would be the "other" twin! SO THERE!

Yagotta get it soft and wet so we can kick/stick it


10/30/2005 2:15 pm

I agree. I'll openly admit I'm no expert on relationships. But try staying away from both for a time and see which your heart leads you to. Just an idea. Good Luck!

rm_RxSUGAR 61M
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10/30/2005 6:09 pm

No,no.Don't take anything for granted or be presumptious in that situation. I have been in love with 2 ladies at the same time and no one could tell me that you can't be.It depends on your heart and not theirs! I am in that situation right now.I have a woman that is wonderful and I know I love her, but there is a Mis that I also love and she seems to be more of a soulmate than the one I have. I am not a user or playboy but I do beleive that we should go for whatever makes us happy if we can do it in a way that won't hurt or be mean to others.They say,'love is blind', well it is if you think you or 'they' can't love again.And no I am not polyamoura,or whatever the term is.

yagottalikit 50F
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10/31/2005 6:05 pm

Trav ~ hmmm you snuck in there after I answered the others.....tricky! I room for 3rd party in matters of the heart. Someone will be hurt.

Stickman ~ doesn't take an expert to know that these things can only lead to someone feeling pain...usually someone who doesn't at all deserve it. And, what good advice about staying away from both for a while!

Rx ~ I would not presume or take anything for granted....however, what is end result??? What will happen in your case? You will be forced to make a choice I believe. Am I wrong?

Yagotta get it soft and wet so we can kick/stick it

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