Hmmmm........Suggestions Welcomed  

yagottalikit 50F
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1/6/2006 3:49 am

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3/26/2007 4:55 am

Hmmmm........Suggestions Welcomed

While lurking around the basements of a few favorite bloggers, (I knew y'all would get me back on blogging track in no time) I ran across bardicman 's My 100th Post

This got me thinking....(yeah, I know....I shouldn't attempt such a difficult activity)
Even, slightly, panicked.

My 100th post is approaching (rather slowly at this point) and tradition seems to call for some special or out of the ordinary post. I've already done the list thing In Case You Were Wondering

Another popular 100th post is to reflect upon the 99 previous posts and linking to those that were special. Those that need "re-visiting". This is a great option......however.....
here are a few more ideas that have formed in my wee little brain, thus far:

1. Post that hyped up so-called "Masterpiece" I've referred to more times than it is capable of living up to!

2. Announce the End of My Solo Blog and the Beginning of Our Duet Blog (seems to be a trend)
Actually doing this is not up for debate, but, doing this as my 100th post IS.

3. Skip the hoopla and fanfare and just go straight to the 101st.

4. List 100 more facts about me. (ugh! doubt that it's possible)

5. List 100 facts about others. (But, WHO?)

6. List 100 lists.

7. List and link to 100 terrific bloggers.

8. List the names (first only) of 100 people I've had sex with. (Ha)

9. List the names of 100 people I wish to have or wish I've had sex with.

10. List 100 people I wouldn't have sex with to save my life.

There. I'd love to hear other suggestions and/or opinions on these ideas. I could always combine any of the options above to make things more interesting!

Better start working on some lists....just in case. After all, these things take time!

Yagotta get it soft and wet so we can kick/stick it

bardicman 51M

1/6/2006 7:25 am


Ok.. I dont like #8 because I would not be on it.
.... I don't like #10 because I would probably be on it.

I kinda like the idea that you just post a yea 100th post and then go on to 101. Why ??? because you are a rebel of sorts with your thinking and wonderful sarcastic wit..

What ever you do I know it will be something in true likit form...

I am not dead yet

yagottalikit 50F
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1/6/2006 9:20 pm

What a relief! #8 - Not sure I wanted to single out 100 people.....the others might be hurt that I didn't include them!

#10 - How presumptious of you! If it helps, I would have sex with you to save a loved one's life......well, my daughters', for sure....
wait a sec....what the hell am I saying?

That skipping idea is looking better and better....less work!

ha! true likit form would be something you don't expect, AT ALL! hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............

Yagotta get it soft and wet so we can kick/stick it

bardicman 51M

1/8/2006 3:55 am


Gotta love the wit..

I am not dead yet

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