Giving Thanks ~ To You  

yagottalikit 50F
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11/24/2005 9:29 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Giving Thanks ~ To You

(You know who you are!!!)

I was bored and restless, wanting amusement ~
You entertained for hours.

I was resentful and hurt, feeling used and
alone ~ You created a distraction.

I was craving laughter and joy, needing mental stimulation ~ You filled up my "in-box".

I needed a purpose and direction, a way to contribute ~ You guided me to an intellectual art form.


I give thanks to You ~ for leading me to enlightenment; to a haven of creativity; to an unwavering sounding board.

Thank You ~ for the endless supply of shoulders; the unconditional acceptance; the frequent ego boosts and the occasional constructive criticism.

I'm grateful for the variety You offer ~ There's pettiness, competition, admiration, adoration, comedy, courage, beauty, kindness, shame, fear, sadness, bliss, naughtiness, flirtations, honesty, jealousy and simplicity.

I'm thankful for the view You've provided. The many shapes and sizes, a vast rainbow of color, the unique textures and patterns ~ the penises ~ small, medium, large and gargantuan (aka "photo-enhanced") ~ the breasts ~ also come in the same sizes with some very well paid for ~ the vagina's ~ yes, many sizes, as well.

Thanks to You, I am aware of what quite a few bathroom mirrors have to look at, a naked man with a camera ~ I've witnessed a kinder, gentler version of the brown paper bag (a black bar or dot) over the face ~ I've seen many a uterus when the clitoris would have been sufficient.

I extend my gratitude to You ~ I've discovered hundreds of make-shift measuring devices ~ thousands of synonyms for "fuck" ~ millions of antonyms for "love" and a plethora of explanations for "open minded", "fun times" and "prefer not to say".

I could go on forever. Perhaps I should save a few things to "Give Thanks" to the OTHER 364 days........

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! Be safe.

Yagotta get it soft and wet so we can kick/stick it

rm_hinkawaza 53M
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11/24/2005 9:36 am

You forgot one thing that comes in many sizes...EGO'S!!!! Happy thanksgiving babe!

(Juan S)
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11/24/2005 10:56 am

Happy T-Day!!!!

from the one and only...Siz

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