Cosmetic Gynecologist?  

yagottalikit 50F
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7/1/2005 11:03 am

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Cosmetic Gynecologist?

I was driving home from dinner last night. My mother in the front passenger seat and my daughter behind her. Suddenly my mother lets out a hearty chuckle. At the same time, my daughter and I ask what's so funny. "That sign back there - Cosmetic Gynecologist!" We both looked back (though I couldn't for too long) as if we didn't believe her. My mother is very aware of the society we live in.....but, she wondered what on earth is this world coming to that we need this service offered.

Trying to be understanding and my usual informative self...I explained that there just may be women who have suffered all their lives with an abnormal "kitty". Not everyone is born with a pretty one. My daughter ever so eloquently blurts out, "yeah and maybe porn stars need to go there". I wasn't sure if I wanted to tackle that statement. My mother then says that if someone is THAT close to you, then they damn well better not care what it looks like. My response, "Well, mother, maybe that's the problem. When someone GOT that close, it was soooo ugly they ran! These poor women lose 'em every time." "Perhaps they are not doing it for others...but, for themselves. After all, I look at mine every day. If it were so ugly that I couldn't bear to see it, that office would be a blessing." I'm sure you can imagine the laughs that followed that one. I think they both still wonder if I really check it out every day.

Now, I wouldn't remotely refer to mine as pretty, ever. I often see the perfect little ones in the magazines and in the movies (though there are some downright ugly ones on film, too)
and wish mine looked like that.
I've been told it's pretty, but, I simply shrug that off as telling me what they think I want to hear to reach the goal they wish to reach. I wonder if I could bring myself to do something so drastic....if I were really uncomfortable with mine.

The thing that is most interesting is that it's such a problem that there is an office in the middle of a quaint, elite neighborhood that is JUST for that! I guess that would explain it...
people will find some way to spend their matter how obscene.

Am I missing something? Is there really a demand for this service? Anyone out there have any idea what cosmetic gynecologist's are ABLE to do?

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(Juan S)
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7/1/2005 1:20 pm

Recently recieved my doctorate degree in cosmetic gynecology. Am looking for a place to practice and would be more than happy to define, explain and show by examples the ins and outs of my industry.Contact me at AdultFriendFinder, I do travel and am available for house calls.

OK, yes, I'm kidding, But I do travel and make house calls.

Saw your pic, your blog, etc. Just thought I'd say Hello.

rm_Mistie34 50F
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7/1/2005 1:22 pm

Cosmetic gynacholigists can tighten your muscles inside your vagina and make you tighter, they can also trim the inner lips to make it more asthetically pleasing if that what you want to do. They can also plump up the outer lips to give you a more curved look if you know what I mean. Not too sure what they can do for men haven't ever researched that LOL

TopFisher 64M

7/1/2005 2:53 pm

They keep the curtain rod for the meat curtains tuned up, don't they?

yagottalikit 50F
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7/1/2005 3:25 pm

well, now, that's interesting.....not much I can say....just seems extreme to me... gynecologist? oh dear, that brings up a whole other question........

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