Chance Meet (Story) - Part One  

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Chance Meet (Story) - Part One

Chance Meet (Story) Part One
Written By xxxTallOrderxxx


It's was a cold rainy night and a young man walks briskly home alongside a busy road on a newly paved walkpath. It's around 5.35pm and it's a dark wintery night, but our man travels with his black umbrella held high and grips his overcoat at the top to keep out the chill from his neck. Just five minutes previously he was getting ready to go home along the one mile stretch of road which leads home. Our man whom we shall know as Brian is an office worker, who normally works 9-5 only today he was in late and had to catch up with his workload for the extra half hour. As Brian neared home he remembered the previous night, and it finally dawned on him that his scarf that he'd been looking for all day was left at a hotel the night before.


The previous night Brian was attending one of his rich friends Birthday parties, there was a well laid out carvery dinner for guests, and a buffet area for those who wanted something lighter. Several waiters were slicing the fine meats and serving food to everyone's whim and fancy, while others travelled to and fro the kitchen with various items. All guests were spoiled by the host's love of champagne, wine and of course a generous tab at the guest bar inside the huge room for the party. There were around 15 tables each with the finest collection of cuttlery and glasses, and there was many quiet areas around the room; with sofa like chairs and small tables for relaxing from dinner and socialising. Our man Brian was reminising about his single lifestyle and the fact it'd been a week since he'd actually been out; too much work and no play was making him a dull old boy ! Our man Brian was approached by his male friend named Alex, and they talked for a short time about old times together and their most recent exploits. Both were laughing and joking and it was good to catch up, Alex (our birthday boy) got a wave from someone else who wanted to see him, so after thanking Brian again for his gift he gestured "have a good night Bri, be sure to check out the waitress with the Brunette hair...". Brian knew exactly who Alex meant, after a few twitters from other guests who obviously saw Alex pointing, he set his eyes on the waitress.


Rosie; the spanish waitress, had a really pleasant smile and really looked sexy in her waitress dress. Rosie wore a tight bra which revealed a lot of her cleavage, and her skirt was a little shorter than regulation, but strangely the male manager never seemed to complain at all. After taking three more sips of champagne Brian moved towards Rosie and complemented her, to which she giggled, and did a small curtsie and walked away. Our Rosie understood both English and Spanish, and she learned both languages from her parents when she was younger, her parents had met each other while her dad was on holiday many years back in Spain. "More Glasses !" said Rosie, to the kitchen staff, she was such a workaholic and really needed to slow down, but just like the manager, no-one ever complained at her being around, it always brought a smile to every guys face. As Rosie walked back out of the kitchen she bumped into Brian again but this time she managed to drop the tray she was carrying while crashing into him, and managed to spill two glasses that were 3/4 filled with red wine onto Brian. Both alarmingly jumped as glasses smashed on the floor and the clatter was heard across the whole room. A male waiter rushed over and helped tidy up the area, and many of the guests moved their stares away from the now red faced waitress. "Sorry" said Rosie, "I wasnt looking where i was going, i've really made a fool of myself, and it's sooo un-proffessional." The gent that Brian was didn't want to embarass her any more than needed, and replied "that's ok, just a little white wine and this red stain can be removed quickly, it's no bother."


End Of Part One


xxxtallorderxxx 47M

7/2/2006 11:38 am

anyone have any ideas what they'd like to see happen next ??

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