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10/14/2005 12:15 pm

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I feel like i should introduce you all to some of my friends. I'm always talking about these people, and saying there names but you probably have no clue who they are, you all know me, cause of my profile and such so now heres your chance to meet some of my other friends.
I'll start with Sally, i probably mention her the most. Sally is my roomie here. It's just us two, were in a co-ed dorm. Sally and i met for the first time on orientation, and got very accquainted with one another right off the bat. Sally is definitly hott stuff. she's a lot like me actually, and we've really become close with eachother. Sally's is bi sexual. she loves pussys and cocks as much as she loves cookies and cake. Sally's parents died when she was 7 in car accident. I thinks Sallys a lot more wild then i am. I'm not shy, but im definitly not as loud as Sally is, shes a lot more daring, and is one of those people that always seem to get what they want. Sally and I fool around a lot, and i mean a lot. I'd never done as much with a girl until i met Sally. sure i'd made out with quite a few and sucked on some tits, but Sally definitly opened me up, to fucking girls for the pleasure not just for teasing the guys, which is really what i used to do, but now i really get hot and heavy with some chicks. I love sally so much, she's taught me so much, and we just have non stop fucking fun together!
This picture is of Sally and i caught her just out of the shower then, but she just loves showing her self off!

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10/16/2005 7:11 am

sally has a gorgous ass and body. i would love to pleasure here how can we get together.

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