Honesty and Trust  

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Honesty and Trust

Originally posted: Nov 26, 2005 4:19 pm
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Breaking up is usually pretty hard and requires time and a little reflection inward.

It is the time to take stock in personal growth and re evaluate goals, wants and needs. It is the time to learn about yourself and discover the person that you are.

When your trust has been taken and your innocence robbed it makes it that much more complicated. There are emotions involved that may be foreign to you and may be very confusing.

I was lied to during my whole relationship with him. He lied about everything. He took advantage of me and went to great lengths to cover up the lies with anger, violence and brutal name calling. I was blamed for everything he did wrong in the relationship. He deflected everything back at me and I started to feel like there was something wrong with me.

I spent four years feeling broken and trying to fix everything instead of just walking away. He was great at manipulating and covering his tracks. I was better at figuring things out though.

I discovered he was a very sick person who had a personality disorder, called psycopathy also known as a sociopath or a narcisstic abuser. Not unlike people who turn out to be serial con artists and or criminals in general. He emotionally for now, and destroys people along the way. He never takes responsibility for his actions for that would mean he would have to look at himself head on, and what a scary thing that would be.

He gives up on people at the drop of a hat and chalks it up to, “They are messed up.”

I finally told him to leave. During this time I was still trying to remain civil and tried to work on a friendship. He still wanted to try and make things work from a distance and told me he was hopeful and that I was still his girlfriend. This is what he was telling me but, he was on the hunt for his next victims.

You see he cannot be alone that is too scary for him. He would then have to look at himself. Oh what horror can you imagine that?

These types of people need to have someone around to fulfill their every whim. So he continued to lie to me incessantly. He told me he was not looking and he wanted to work things out with me but meantime he was out there trying to have sex with you.

He has no conscience and no sympathy for anyone. He takes what he wants disregarding any of the consequences. He doesn't care about anyone only himself.

So yes breaking up is hard enough but add all this to the mix and you have yourself a very trying time. So to conclude this is not about being bitter or getting revenge. This is about awareness and discovery and not staying quiet with the abuse or else the cycle continues. I am trying to prevent any further abuse to continue and am outing this person to everyone.

He is here among you...Lexx10inch aka oral_alex is lying about everything including his name.

He has met women from here which I have spoken to who also upon the first meeting with him say they felt something was not quite right and got strong bad vibes from him.

In the end we all make our own choices. Hopefully they will be educated and informed ones.

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