Welcome To The American Dream  

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Welcome To The American Dream


The American Cycle:

See you parents struggle/divorce and don’t know why; can't wait to leave those problems behind and go to college;

...incur a student loan, hurry up do all your homework, graduate to get a job so you can pay 1/2 of your money in taxes,

...get married and if lucky buy a house to lock you in to a mortgage (from French translates into financial death lock),

...then incur huge debt which you will struggle to pay at high interest rate;

...the divorce scheme now affects you too and you realize what was going on with your parents; they use this scheme to take everything from both of you first by giving everything to the ex-wife and then repossess it from her,

The Taste of Freedom At Last!

...give you a little tax brake and wipe your slate clean so that you can develop the ambition/drive to start over;

...struggle to get a job for you are over qualified or your skills are outdated,

...do what you can and then hope that you are the 10% that survives and reaches age 65 to get your social security;

...Oops too many people living longer so raise the retirement age to 70;

Gee you finally wake up and see the big picture… all your life has been for what ‒

Oops too late for you are already too old to do anything or change the Satanic system!

Poisoning The Root

Any poison thrown down from the farthest and/or highest branch of the strongest tree will eventually eat at it roots and bring about it own collapse! The invincible Evil that is Capitalist Greed has always been a expanding poison that was unleashed that has been creeping from the poor lowest classes and laborers making its way to the middle class and thus eventually the rich class!

The American system is the most ingenious system of control/Tyrany/Oppression in world history.

THE SHEEP… SHEEP… SHEEP… baaa, baaa, baaa

The elitist (Satanist) are but about 1% of the nations 300 million (3 million) but they own from 1/3 to 1/2 of the total wealth. The remaining wealth is set up and distributed in a way to cause the other 99 percent to aggressively compete/fight against each other using extensive Machiavellian tactics! They tax the middle class heavily and use that money to set of a wealth fare system that deceives the poor to develop loyalty and thus want to protect the government which is nothing more than a stooge for the Illuminati/ Greedy rich, and then they in turn use policemen recruited from the poor to keep everyone especially the middle class in check usually through mostly financial oppression! Anything and everything that can be used to turn one group against another is being done; honest hard working poor against the honest hard working rich, intellectuals and professionals against the uneducated and unskilled, small property owners against the renters, native-born against foreign-born, black against white, from every single religion, cultures, neighborhood, ethnicity, etc: whites, Hispanics, blacks, Asians, they find some weak-minded individuals to turn one of the other races and then let the hatred and anger that develops to cause this evil to self propel itself! They even start the kids at a very young age by setting up the gang systems, ironically they have almost no control against the Salvadorian MS13 gang! In addition the size of the resentment, anger, hater that develops is so huge that it is able to obscure their vision to what is truly going on and that they are literally killing each other for crumbs and/or leftovers from the very wealthy country they created.

Lord GOD Please Strengthen Me for I am afraid the SHEEP will never WAKE UP!

The Satanist will continue feeding you empties promise! They have been doing this since as soon as this country was formed but they have increased their tactics considerably since the 1960s. When are people going to realize that they are not going to get freedom from oppression until the learn to be PROACTIVE and take it for themself. PEOPLE don’t expect any congressmen to do it for you! IT is all Hegelian strategies based on two opposite extremes coming from the same elitist source thus it is an illusionary choice. i.e YOU HAVE NONE!

Most think you have a choice and thus you accept or go with the flow! Both presidential parties gets a list of goals from the Serpent’s head to sway/win over the SHEEP but the list is pretty much identical with some slight differences! Whichever the people chose does not matter for Satanist Cabal/ Illuminati/ Super Rich whatever you want to call it, they are the ones pulling the strings so the American People are back where they started.

Ok so you think you have a third party! Well there is a special voting scheme that is secretly tied in to what is called the Electoral College. It dictates that you should not disclose who you vote for so that they can pull a George Bush/Al Gore fiasco. Yes their scheme is so convoluted twisted that it even backfires on itself! Why the secrete voting process, well that is because as long as the people don’t know who the other person will chose, they can decide who they want to win behind close doors!

I for one am NOT here to be REACTIVE! I am not here to ask old decrepit Congressmen to repeal some laws that they intentionally passed so that they can turn around and find another way to conceal it even more and pass it as part of another under bill! Wonder if I can recall their AZZ. Taking it straight off the Constitution, i.e. if whatever rights are not assigned to the Federal government, are therefore retain by the states; THUS, whatever rights are not assigned to the Congressmen are therefore retain by the PEOPLE! Well this way if they pass hidden laws such as the Domestic Violence/WAVA crap which was initially passed to protect immigrant women but how ironic that it is now been used against every single American male and the majority of wives are getting so screwed up in the head (depression, bipolar, etc) through intensive psychological brainwashing schemes that National Institute of Health has statistics shooting up through the roof!

The insurrection by over 2 million French students was all due to corporate greed trying to covertly pass a law that extract two years of work from college graduates and that then allows all corporation to fire them with no explanations. They should have learned and tried to mimic the American Temp Staff Agency System which is a much more subtle evil that extracts 3 months at a time from workers without offering medical or health benefits. Then in the end, this job history is used to accuse the workers of being unreliable for not being able to keep a steady job! Oh but its not the American people faults! They are not as smart as the French and especially the US students for they are being kept too busy to realize what is going on!

They are using double speak even in the Congressional Bills they pass!

These Satanists are so afraid for Christ knew what was going on 2000 years ago! He paved the way for everyone to wake up and see their evil ways! The Satanists were set back hundred of years and thus have been futilely working though honestly they have not worked a single day in their lives. They also don’t have the intelligence anymore from years on inbreeding. Instead they have been recruiting the brightest minds to develop and implement all kinds of technology to help them cement their one world one currency government! Whoever from among cabal proves to be the greediest, most cold heart killer, sociopath etc, is the one that is rewarded with control over the group! However just as normal people evolved to be stronger heartier etc these Satanist after thousands of year of inbreeding have “evolved” to the lowest form a human being can take, and don’t know if they can even still be call human beings for they are probably not even genetically similar to us anymore! I would not be surprised if they actually regressed and started growing green scales!

I personally will not be satisfied with recalling just one for I know things are not going to change unless you recall every single congressmen!


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