What exactly am I looking for ??????????[/b]  

xxReddoorxx 43F
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8/28/2006 5:49 pm

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9/8/2007 6:17 pm

What exactly am I looking for ??????????[/b]

When I first joined all I could think about was all the sexual encounters that would be available, but now it seems the more offers I get the less Interested I am! I don't want to fuck married men , unless of course, their wife is the one to initiate it. Even then I'm not so sure. I came here for a NEW experience, not the same old song and dance, ya know. I want to experience three-somes, couples (men and women), 1 on 1,2,3 with other women,ect. And maybe, just maybe make some friends as well as lovers! I've recently moved and my husband is a workaholic, so I'm alone most of the day while the kiddies are in school, and to top it off I work from home. I do read blogs so I know friendships are made here , I guess I'm just looking in all thw wrong places. I have had two encounters since I've been coming around off and on, And they were both GREAT experiences!! And I continue to communicate with them still. One a couple from boston and the other a gentleman from connecticut. And although they were both very memorable events, I still feel like their is something missing. My gut tells me its emotion. But how do you keep that fine line between wanting emotion, but not too much so that you'll develope any strong feelings. Its hard for me so I shut myself down emotionally, but At the same time I'm depriving myself of something. Is this the difference between lustful passion and emotion and how do you keep them seperate? Is it an aquired skill, or an ability you either have or you don't. I know I want companionship and sex intertwined, but what I don't want is complication. I come here looking for an escape from my reality, not to add anymore stress in my life , ok, now I'm rambling and repeting myself using different words. I apologize.And now I'm numb and eager to post and get some feedback.

Ciao Jenna

rm_macpl39 60M
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8/29/2006 11:58 am

Its been my expereince that people come to this site for sexual adventures. Very rarely have I met or talked to someone who was looking for a long term relationship. In fact just about everyone I talked to or met who said they were looking for a LTR were not. A lot of people come to this site wanting new expereinces, but chicken out at the last minute.

Be specific in what you want and dont be afraid to meet people just for the fun of it. I dont think people come here for emotional bonding, they come for what they will be a thrilling experience to add a little spice to their lives. Remember that a lot of the thrill is in the chase.

I'm sure there is someone out there for you, be specific in what you want of like and hopefully they will find you.

good luck, demon

rm_callmetiger2 35M

8/30/2006 10:26 am

I agree with what Mac was saying. This place is for the people who have desires and wants, but they also don't want to share their emotions with the ones they truly love like friends, family, etc.

Everyone that I have spoken with are usually attached in some sort of way. They come here to vent about their relationship and to find an occasional thing on the side.

By the way RD, you can always find a friend in me. If you have any problems you need to discuss, just ask me, I've been through it all!!

Yours truly,

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