World politics....but AFF has a voice!!  

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7/16/2006 7:17 pm

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World politics....but AFF has a voice!!

OK, never imagined that I would post a political, or world problem post on AdultFriendFinder.

According to AdultFriendFinder, we are over 1,000,000 strong worldwide.We all see what's happening in Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Palestine, Israel, Sudan, Lebanon, United States, India....Mexico for God's sake!!

At this point, and of course it's my opinion, at this point I see Hezbollah either accidently launching a missile into a chemical plant, or using a "secret" or "surprise" weapon that they broadcasted and bragged about earlier. If that happens, can anybody say that Isreal isn't justified to launch a tactical "Nuke".

The U.S. has been very silent about all this, other than Isreal has the right to defend themselves. I agree, within reason. But you and I damn well know that they wouldn't do any kind of attack without our permission. Again, our government, our "world power" has encouraged violence, and then hid behind another country's decisions. Why can't our leader, the "leader of the free world" admit that he supports and encourages, in the fight against terrorism, the actions of Isreal? Instead, he takes the chicken shit view, "tell them to do it, but don't tell anybody else we said so".

Step up folks, are ya for this or against this? I value any opinion, but LET'S LET IT BE HEARD. WE, the American people, are sitting back and letting this administration TELL US what to believe.

If they are right, make them prove it to us, don't just sit back and take their word!. We are the people of this country, did we just (barely) put him in office to TELL us what to believe?

Step up now folks, this world is on the verge of serious, devastating consequences for the mistakes that our "all powerfull" country has made. I'm not saying they were made in ill intentions, I'm just saying, we made mistakes, and if they can't be admitted to because of ego, maybe we should elect a government that's willing to admit mistakes, and willing to back down to correct them!

We have 130,000 of our American's, our pride and joy, our protector's, of not only us personally, but of our constitution, our rights and our freedom's, that are sutck inbetween the coutnry's of Isreal, Palestine, Lebanon, Iran and Syria.

Look at a map, we should be worried!!

xtremebuilder 58M

7/22/2006 10:55 pm

And so our world goes, no comments on the fate of our worl....quite disappointing!!!

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