Sex On Stairs  

xminded_aries 43M
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5/31/2006 7:55 pm
Sex On Stairs

I really dont get it. What's up with young girls these days? willing to have sex with her boyfriend on a stairs and in bushes?

Last week I followed my friends on a hunt to see some of the hottest shows in Tawau.. people having sex on shop building's stairs. We located this spot on the 4rd floor which is dark but enough lights to see whatever happens on the 3rd floor. I brought along my small cheap camcorder just in case we would need it.. but i forgot to bring new batteries so when i found out later it feels sucks.

Here i am.. a white collar 32 years old executive.. sitting in the dark with a bunch of 21 years old youngsters or also known as 'mat skodeng'. Personally speaking, I would prefer staying at home watching x-rated vcd's in my air-conditioned bedroom - more comfy - but these guys told me that some of the things happening on the stairs can really worth our effort.

30 minutes after.. this couple come and sit on the stairs not realizing that a bunch of mat skodeng were spying on them of the 4th floor. They talk about this and that for in about 10 minutes (the girls keep urging his boyfriend to meet her parent and as expected the boyfriend make a bullshit excuses why he cant yet). At one time, I almost laugh when i heard the boyfriend said "honey, i promise when i have employment i'll go and see your parent". My GOD! the guy is jobless and not even good looking! but still this very cute girl willing to follow him to this stairs? What happened later is as promised by my young mat skodeng.. Yup! The guy manage to suck her nipple and put her fingers into the girl's pussy.

We were hoping it would be more than that (coz we're hoping to see some fucking) but suddenly there were noises from the 2nd floor and the couple stopped. Then the guy said "lets go some place else" and the couple left.

At this time I already becoming bored with the activity and left. But my friends stayed and they told me later that the same couple came an hour later and this time the girl gave him a blowjob. Wow!

For all those young girls from Tawau who might read this blog.. come on laaa.. you're all so pretty and some of you might even a virgin.. why are u girls going out with these bunch of losers!?? These guys have no jobs, still staying and supported by their parent, have no cars, no money and can't even buy you a cellphone. Why are u girls giving your pussy to these bunch of losers? I mean I probably accept the idea of physical attraction but most of them are downright dark, ugly and even smell like they work in a plantation .. wheeew!.. Even if you ever wanted to date someone, make sure at least he can rent a room laaaa.

Aiyeeee if u really want sex that much then contact me laa at least i can give u monthly financing hehe.

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