reasons for driving a truck  

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1/20/2006 11:56 am

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reasons for driving a truck

thar are several reasons for driving a truck.
1. to make a living
2. to run from that which may scare you
3. to runaway from troubles
4. to hide from responsibility
5. you like being alone

Truck drivers are the nations back bone, with them the nation does not move. If the entire trucking industry ever went on strike this nation would stop moving . Thar would be no fuel to run cars. no food on the grocery stores shelves. no clothing in the dept. stores. no houses would be built.
Yeah you are prolly thinking well we have the railroads, but think how the products get to the railroads. then you say well have planes again think how the products get thar. With out trucks nothing gets moved at all. So the next time you see a trucker instead of passing judgement on him walk up to him or her and say thank you for a job no one else wants.
Cause the life of a trucker is a lonely one, you are always gone and when you are home you are still on the road. Cussing people for the way they drive on the interstates, remember the truck driver has a big responsibility to get that which you want to the store so that you can have it at home. It is not easy to move a truck taht ways 80,000 and out of traffic a little car.
When you pull out in front of that truck drivefr remem,ber that if you stop real quick after you just pulled out in front of he is goin to hit you cause he cant stop as quick as you think he can
So Please be careful around the big rigs out on the highways and byways of this great nation of ours.

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