Carrots Can Be Your Friend...& Also Your Enemy.....  

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8/17/2006 6:15 am

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Carrots Can Be Your Friend...& Also Your Enemy.....

Alrighty so like the whole world knows how horny I was last night, and how desperate I was. Well I was looking for a cucumber to fuck, don't ask, when I stumbled across a, this wasn't any sorta carrot..

This carrot was just I don't know. It looked really interesting, so I snatched it from the fridge drawer, stuffed the damn cold item in my pants, and then darted up the stairs.

YES!! I said in my mind. Nothing can stop me now!! MWHAHAHAHA! Ok, so I was so excited to actually be able to use something I've never used before. I was in the room naked, alone at last, then I practically killed myself, shoving the oversized carrot up in there. I mumbled and I grumbled, eyeing the carrot in disgust.

Then I decided to try going in the shower as I use the damn carrot and did it work?! NOPE! It didn't fit. Folks, this carrot didn't just not fit up in my damn vagina, it made me feel bad about it!!

Can things get any worse for this poor, lost girl? Indeed they do. Earlier that night I decided to hide the oversized carrot in my dresser drawer. Then later that evening, my sis and I were cleaning our room, and I decided to take my make up out of my dresser. My sister comes up behind and starts to say somthing which then all of a sudden was interrupted with a "SARAH OMG!! *gasps*"

Yes folks, my sister saw that damn carrot. My sister fell on her bed laughing hysterically, as I tried to laugh along, shocked and annoyed at that carrot.

I told her that it wasn't what she thought, but meh. She knows I was lying.

Anyways folks, thats it.

P.S. Which reminds me I gotta take the carrot out of my dresser drawer!

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