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4/21/2006 5:57 pm

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To begin:

first off, my ID info will never be furnished to such sites- not that I have a problem with Adult Friendfinders or anyone else, I just do not feel it is prudent, and would discourage others from the "Confirmed ID" portion of the website, for I personally feel that is just wayyyyy too much info to give to ANYONE for ANY PURPOSE.

If you need to know me personally, you will indeed be furnished with the info, but other than that, forget it.

I am a (first one, 90/91) Gulf War vet.
Suffer from conditions brought about by that and a hard life.

Bad childhood, (till my grandparents adopted and rescued me), and a whole lot of crap including:
nearly all my friends having passed much younger than me, most especially, my best friend William Augustus Spencer Smith, a friend who meant far more to me than my own siblings (for good reason)

Unfaithful "ex's" (married once will never again)
despite my absolute belief in personal accountability, responsibility, and honesty in relationships-

falsely imprisoned for 14 months, and it cost me everything I owned and valued- a good business, my family (due to infedility of the other party), just everything.

Recovering all that and even more, just to have it stolen by a "mate" who it turns out WAS NOT divorced, and used my name to get credit cards, accounts, and such, and stole my lifes savings I had rebuilt after the aforementioned incident-

and stole my son (at the time 16 months) against an order in VA to NOT take my son away out-of-state-

and a lot more, equally as traumatic-

but, I want NO sympathy or such. I have overcome these things, and this "blog thing" which I am totally inexperienced in, is put forth only to provide inspiration and advice to others.

I learned a LOT of things in the course of living thru (and surviving) these things.

ANYONE is welcome to ask advice. I am also one hell of a paralegal (I never would take the "bar exam" because then one must defend folks who do things I simply abhor and could not defend them against)

Plus, I have a great deal of "good common sense" and even tech advice to offer to all who would feel a need to ask.

As my health has caused me to give up and sell out my business (WyldFyre Electronics and Programming BASED IN DOSWELL VA)

I now pass on to anyone FOR REAL AND TRUTHFUL all advice and help I can. But can spot a fake or scammer a mile away, so do not even f***ing bother if you are one of those.

I will CREAM YOUR @$$ if you try it- and have done so to a few who really needed it, too. Keep it honest and real- your past does not matter and I will not even ask. We all have done things we regret (is human nature) but if you use this "blog thing" to pursue scamming or any other kind of BS, I will hunt you down and make sure you are prosecuted. And I am AdultFriendFinder good at it, too. No fakers, wanna-be's, or anything less than total honesty permitted here. Period. Strictly enforced.

Everyone who chooses to "inhabit" this thing can be assured of this.

wyld61dude 56M
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4/21/2006 6:54 pm

hope that does not discourage participants, but there is a need to keep it for-real and no fake BS here.

GoddessOfTheDawn 106F
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4/22/2006 12:23 am

I agree on the no fakers part. Too many of them

welcome to blogging

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