My Girlfriend's Birthday  

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11/10/2005 10:12 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My Girlfriend's Birthday best friend, Lexi (who is also my girlfriend), and I were out eating tonight at a fancy restaurant because it was her birthday. I came home about five and she had just gotten done talking on the phone with her mom who had called to wish her happy birthday, which I had found out later. I had been acting like I had forgotten her birthday all day, and she kept trying to hint to it about me, but I already had something romantic planned out. I told her I was going to the store and asked her if she wanted to come, she sighed and said sure, exactly what I had wanted her to say. On our way to the "store", I pulled out a bundle of roses which I had picked up on my way home, kissing her on the lips, telling her happy birthday, and obviously my plan had worked when she was completely surprised and told me, "I thought you had forgot!" I reached back into a bag in the back seat of the car and pulled out a blindfold, and asked if she would mind wearing it for a little while, she agreed to it and I gently wrapped it around her head. We drove for about 30 minutes when I finally stopped at the restaurant that we had our first date at (after what happened one day, which you can read about in the article I wrote). Holding her hand I led her in to the restaurant where I took off her blindfold and she looked around, grasping on to my hands as she kissed me, knowing exactly where we were. We got sat down at a table and ordered. After we ate she got up to go to the restroom and I motioned over the waiter telling her that it was my girlfriend's birthday and asked if they did anything special for them. She nodded, telling me that she would have something ready when Lexi came back. I waited patiently for her arrival back and she came back a minute later. Sitting down we talked for a few minutes before our waiter and staff came out singing a birthday song for her and gave her a complementary desert. Lexi was embarrassed as I thought she would be, her cheeks glowing red as she blushed. Once they had left, I leaned over the table kissing her, telling her happy birthday again. I paid for the check and we left. We got into the car and I asked if she would put the blindfold back on, she asked, "There's still more surprises?" with a smile, and I replied, "Of course." She put the blindfold back on and we drove for another 30 minutes, where I told her she could take the blindfold off. We were at the highest point in the city, overlooking all of the lights. She started to passionately kiss me, obviously very aroused by what I had done for her today, but to her surprise, I told her, "Not yet" as I still had one more surprise for her. She looked at me puzzlingly as I am sure I've never said that to her before, but her puzzled looked turned to a smile as she laid her head on my shoulder. I started to drive again, this time not asking her to put the blindfold on, but she did anyways. I held her hand as we drove, stopping about 10 minutes later. I led her up to our apartment, opening the door and let her in first, wrapping my arms around her at the threshold of the door. I told her that she could take the blindfold off and she opened her eyes to our apartment, the lights all off and the pathways to each room illuminated by many candles on the floor (I had the help of two of her friends who decorated it while we were gone). She turned around, wrapping her arms around my neck as she pulled me down to her, slowly kissing me, the kiss quickly turned into a very passionate kiss and she pulled me in, slamming the door closed behind me. Well...I don't need to get into details,as that is another story, but needless to was the best sex I've ever had!

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