Sunday morning not going down  

rm_wunfunley 66M
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4/22/2006 8:26 pm
Sunday morning not going down

Only another day spent on my own, to busy to chase sex and too broke to pay fr it,spent this morning getting some poles in the ground , something definitely phallic going on here as I put up the shelter roof over the BBQ area, do I really need 4m poles/
Being busy keeps my mind off sex tho! and now here I am checking out the size of other blokes dicks and making comparisons with myself(My god I hope most of these are digital trickery)
I make speakers for a hobby and have just completed a new pair of 2-way towers, tall and deep they sound very good considering they use "Tandy"drivers, need a big amp tho, drove the small Rotel into clipping at - 32dB, they will take 150 watts RMS and they are very efficient; I will have to start work on the sub-woofers to go with them soon.
The fire-bed is ready, I'm having pork cutlets soaked in sweet spices and rum for my lunch.

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