Sore hands and feet  

rm_wunfunley 66M
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4/22/2006 6:50 am

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5/20/2011 12:10 am

Sore hands and feet

Its been a busy day, and none of it spent in bed. spent today working on the garden and trying to get a shelter roof over the BBQ before the winter.
Still experimenting with my sexuallity but told "Bill" not to come over as I was unsure.
I started this month Bi-curious and have been experimenting , also looking for 1on1 sex with women but even in this very sexy site girls are very choosy about who they decide to partner up with, more powerrrr to them but frustrating for me.
I am thinling in a month or two my feelings will have settled down but for today all I can say is that just admitting I am sometimes sexually attracted to a man has been liberating , uplifting and disturbing all at once.its been a long day , now for a shower and a good nites sleep, lots to do tomorrw

rm_wunfunley 66M
8 posts
5/5/2010 9:13 pm

Been a while since I posted anything
Lots happened, got married ( we met here ) never thought I would fall in love again and I am very happy. My sexuality has been sorted out, definitely Bi but only occasionally and with the right bloke.
I love the passive power of being possessed and taken, love the feeling of a hard cock up my arse and the way my backside gets pummelled.
Love a 3-way and the taste of a womans juices in my mouth while being fucked from behind.
Want to meet some guys here in Geelong and indulge myself evry once in a while

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