Licking Your Dessert  

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Licking Your Dessert

Licking Your Dessert

Week three...for those of you who enjoy sensual contact!

It is Monday afternoon and the temperature outside is over 99 degrees. There is no business in the shop so I decided to leave early and ask Vera to close the shop at 5PM. As I strolled down the street I noticed that a new sidewalk café had opened up and they had ice cream on the menu. I walked into the small brick-walled shop and asked for a double scoop of vanilla on a cone. I told the clerk, “I‘ll eat it outside” and went out to find a shaded table. Shortly, a very young blonde girl, no more than 18 years old with large breast and a slim waist, delivers my cone. I notice it is beginning to melt so I lick the dripping from the side before they run down my hand. Now with things under control I began to make long slow licks as I slowly turn the cone. Loooong, sloooow licks that circle the outside of my delicious treat and slowly work my way towards the center. Once there, I began to savor the sweet taste that crosses my lips.

Suddenly I hear some faint giggling from across the open café. There you are, sitting, watching me, with a huge smile is on your face. You have a double scope of chocolate ice cream on a wafer cone and are obviously enjoying it too. With your fingers gently wrapped around the course shaft of the delicate cone you are putting the entire top scoop of ice cream into your mouth, softly caressing it with your lips and then taking it out of your mouth. It is slightly smaller each time and the shape of the top of it reminds me of a penis head. While I watch you finish the top scoop, and began the same sensual massaging of the next scoop, I realized my ice cream has melted and is running down my hands and dripping onto my jeans.

You began to laugh at me again and give me a devilish wink. I stand up and ask the waitress, in a voice loud enough for you to hear, “where is the restroom so that I can wash my hands and clean my jeans?”. She points to a corner deep inside the narrow building that was remodeled to fit the needs of restaurant. As I pass you, you’re finishing your second scoop and starting on the crunchy cone. I smile and nod my head, because I hope we are thinking the same thing. The door on the small, single toilet and single sink room, is marked Men/Women. Floorspace for customers is a premium and there was no room to build two restrooms, so they only have one. I proceed into the restroom, close the door, but I do not lock it. I begin to wash my hands and before I finish I hear the door opening again. When I turn I find that it is you who has joined me. You smile, turn and bolt the door shut and then turn back to face me. With a larger smile you put your finger to your lips and signal for me to say nothing.

Without words we embrace each other and exchange long, tongue probing kisses, that we have become use to each Monday we meet. Then, while holding each other we drop to our knees, then to our sides as we continue to embrace and search each other’s body with our soft hands. As I move your skirt up over you’re hips, I see that you are not wearing any panties again. I can smell your perfumed stomach and began to slowly lick the day’s sweat on your inner thighs. Meanwhile you have unfastened my belt, lowered my jeans and underpants to my knees and are running your soft hands around the base of my penis.

Laying there together, we repeat the same individual scenario as we did outside in the café. Only this time it was to each other. I began with loooong sloooow licks that circle the outside of your delicious vagina and slowly work my way towards your center. Once there, I began to savor the sweet taste that crosses my lips. Slowly I probe my hungry tongue in and out of your vagina and occasionally stop to tickle your clit with my tongue.

By this time you have your fingers gently wrapped around the course shaft of my rock hard dick and you are putting the just head into your mouth, softly caressing it with your lips and then taking it out of you mouth. It is slightly larger each time until it has swollen to it’s entire length, with your sensual licking. We both continue to lick and kiss and suck until we both feel the other person’s body beginning to stiffen and quiver as we are reaching a climax. Again, I explode first, shooting cum into your mouth and you began to swallow my juices and then lick me clean. Meanwhile I am still working on pleasing your g-spot and know you are getting closer to a climax. Finally you arch your back, make a slight whimpering sound, gasp for breath, and then collapse onto me as your fluids just slowly seep from your vaginal lips. I happily lick you clean and we lay there in an enchanting 69 embrace. What seems like seconds together must have been minutes.

Suddenly there is a loud knock at the door. We hear the young woman asking, “Are you okay in there? Do you need any help”? I raise my voice so that she can hear me and respond, “No I’m fine, I’ll be out in a moment!” We both have to stifle our laughs as we look into each others eyes, and wonder how we will explain our way out of this. When we are both standing again, I take my blue jeans all the way off, pull my underpants back up and turn on the water in the sink. By now you have straightened your hair and smoothed out your dress and are standing there silently laughing at me. You turn and unlock the door, open the door half way, and stop to turn towards me. In a voice that can be heard across the café you announce, “Next time wash that stain in cold water and it will come out more quickly.” The young waitress is standing there with amazement on her face, and as you pass her you say in a hushed whispering voice, “Men… we have teach them everything!” I’m left standing there with the door open, me in my underpants, washing my jeans in the sink, and saying to myself, “I wonder what will be on the dessert menu next Monday?”
by wtraveller3

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