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4/28/2006 4:33 pm

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Rain drops hitting the pane glass of her bedroom window. Still the birds chirping; loud enough to make her stir. Not quite coherent, she rolls over slightly. There he lays, his eyes nearly piercing. As if he sees her soul. A slight smile, granting his approval of her reaching up to the luscious red fullness of his lips. She whispers, "Morning my darling". She rolls over gazing; facing the window, which barely allows the morning light to shine through; just yet. Her long blond hair, spread across her pillow. Leaving her neck nude. The warmth of his breath entwining between the strands of her hair as his lips draw near. She lays there, imagining his kisses. Burning with desire of feeling his lips caress the nakedness of her skin. He taunts her with his breath. Hovering across ever so lightly, warm. The desire turns to a craving, a need. She feels what she needs within her mind and embraces his every touch. He pauses, watching her body give expression. Admiring the pleasure as it grows, making her tremble inside and out. his lips, brush lightly over her ear, as he whispers; "I want you". Inside she caves in, the arousal felt so strong.

His cock, emerged with precum. He teases her, allowing her to feel the wetness of his desire; with only a sheet separating the two of them. Slowly, he pulls the sheet. Uncovering half of her breast. He leans over her, his eyes upon hers. Slowly he licks across the lining of her exposed breast. Blowing lightly over the wetness. He guides her hand to his inner thigh. With the sheet, still preventing their skin from touching. He states quite sternly, "you look amazingly beautiful this morning". She, almost moaning replies "Thank you Sir". His tongue wanders back up to her nude neck, his lips applying pressure near her shoulder; with each deep kiss. Her hand, grasping for his throbbing thick cock. Burning with desire to feel him within her. The tips of her fingers submerged in the wetness of the precum filled sheet. Her mouth waters, as she whispers. "I desire to taste you". His facial expression, not quite granting his approval; he grins. His hands wander over the sheet. Tracing the curves of her body. Applying pressure randomly, making her weak to her desires.
Tugging at the sheet, he exposes her naked skin down to her navel. His tongue following slowly. His eyes on hers. Staring heavily, admiring every bit of pleasure expressed upon her face. He spreads his body across her, as if he were a tiger hovering over his prey. Caressing both breasts, squeezing them together; while his tongue thrusts between them. He nibbles each nipple in a hungry manner. His hard cock teasing her pussy. Flooding the sheet between them with precum. The wetness smothering her pussy, clouding her mind with crazy desire. Imagining the throbbing of his cock entering her wetness. The warmth between her legs, he feels her hunger; and it pleases him.
Coaxing her to sit up, his body now straddling hers. He licks her lips; nibbles a little, and pulls her head down towards his throbbing hard cock. She slides her legs beneath her; eager to fulfill the hunger to taste him. Her ass up in the air slightly with her back arched enough for him to admire. His hands stretched across her back firmly. Her lips moist with anticipation of finally being able to engulf her mouth with his thick cock. Intensely she absorbs his cock in whole, deeply in her mouth. Taking him in slowly and very deep. Her tongue applying pressure against his cock as she heads for the tip. Pressing heavily against the tip of his cock she smiles as she looks into his eyes, in search of approval. His hand stroking her long blond hair. She dives back down, shoving his cock deeper into her mouth.
The sunlight peeking through her window, shining down in her eyes. She looks up to her Master, his cock barely in her mouth. Moaning from complete arousal, she asks sweetly; "Darling, I really wish to taste you; yet I would love to taste me all over your cock. He then wraps the golden blond sunlit hair in his fist and guides her head down deeper on his cock, immediately she feels the throbbing of his juices explode in her. Swallowing every last drop with pure satisfaction. Her pussy flooded in warm wet juices. He coaxes her to lay next to him on the bed. He turns facing her, laying on his side. Guiding her hand in his and slowly leading her to her pussy. Each shoving a finger deep inside her wetness. He then spreads her juices over her nipple; blowing slightly.
His tongue wrapped around her nipple licking the juices off slowly; his lips clenched tightly. Her fingers roaming down between her legs; caressing the lips of her dripping wet pussy. Sliding one finger up towards her clit; more like brushing. Taunting and teasing herself slowly. He crawls between her legs. Full eye contact with her. He watches her caress her pussy, knowing she is doing it for him; for her. Feeling the warmth of his breath on her pussy, makes her mind explode in deep desires. Cravings begin to take over. She imagines his tongue pressed on her clit; as her fingers explore her wetness. Imagining him sliding his tongue between her fingers; as they glide in and out of her pussy. Drenching both his tongue and her fingers in orgasmic bliss. His eyes focused fully on her facial expressions. Knowing her thought as if he were her, knowing exactly what she desires, and knowing she is enjoying every bit of torture as each minute passes.
He notices her pussy extremely wet, deciding to devour the juices and taste her. Looking into her eyes of desire; he then pulls himself up hovering over her naked body. Her juices fresh on his tongue and lips, peering over her mouth passionately teasing her. His hands interlocked with hers, she reaches for his lips; wanting to lick them clean. Forced back down as he pulled away, he leans closer into her. Pressing his weight upon her, allowing her the ability to reach contact with her tongue. Licking his lips, nibbling a bit; they kiss passionately. Slowly his right arm guides her leg up, while sliding his thick hard cock into her slightly. Teasing her slowly with the tip of his cock. His hand on her stomach, the other in hers. He coaxes her to sit up as he slides out of her pussy; guiding her to turn on all fours.
His lips and hands roam across her back, positioning her with a precise arch. Admiring her ass, he "spanks" her lightly. Sliding his cock in her pussy, and pulling it out over and over. Creating her mind to once again explode with a burning passion. Teasingly he penetrates her ass, and spanks her a little harder. Sliding back into her wet pussy, a little rougher; he grabs ahold of her hips. Her moans become quite louder the further he enters. her body trembling, she caves; collapsing on the bed. Quivering with such passionate excitement.
He guides her over to a chair, he sits down as she kneels before him. Gazing into his eyes, as she caresses him servingly. Anticipating the taste he had approved before. Her mouth waters in delight. He leans down full of passion, he kisses her. His eyes never left hers. He smiles at her, granting her permission to continue. She in a loving manner, grasps his inner thighs, as they head straight for his cock. Still very erect, her tongue embraces the taste of her on him. Breathing heavily, almost panting. She licks him clean, sucking the juices until the taste of her disappeared.
He takes her hand, bends her over the chair. Ties the hands to the legs of the chair. Her body draped across, so invitingly; so ready to be taken. He swats her a little harder than before, and again penetrates her ass. This time he slides in, with no holding back. He takes her, leaving her screaming, panting heavily. Grabs ahold of her hair, and rams his cock in her as deep as he can go. Her body losing complete control. He makes her tremble inside and out. She in a quivering voice whispers, "I am cumming for you darling". and they came together. Her body still trembling in the up most passionate delight.

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5/5/2006 12:50 am

try the bondage with a little more foreplay before the actual penetration...does wonders for a kinky girl

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5/3/2006 7:47 am

Don't worry about the length--one of my frustrations with erotic stories is that they are often too short. You've done a good job of detailing the scene and expressing the emotion. I like the chair scene at the end!
My only suggestion (putting my English major hat on) is to cut down on the incomplete sentences. Most can be fixed easily: "There he lays, his eyes nearly piercing. As if he sees her soul." As if he sees her soul" is an incomplete sentence, but simply substitute a comma for the period. "There he lays, his eyes nearly piercing, as if he sees her soul."

Some incomplete sentences are ok to keep for effect, I suppose, but too many makes it sound a bit choppy.

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