Hotel Getaway....  

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4/4/2006 9:52 am
Hotel Getaway....

We meet at a hotel, although you are running behind. Within the past week I have planned on what we were going to do... I went to Victoria's Secret and bought a couple nighties. I went to the local flower shop and bought tons of petals from fresh roses. Stopped at the liquor store and bought myself some wine. Stopped at the sex shop in the cities and bought some massage oils. I had everything packed and ready to go. I arrive 15 min early to start setting the scenery. I light a few candles and sprinkle the rose petals around the floor by the fire place. I pour myself a glass of wine and put on some music. I go in the bathroom and shower and refresh my makeup. I get done curling my hair and decide to get dressed into a nightie.

You finally arrive, I am laying in front of the fire place when you walk through the door. You quietly sneak up behind me and gently kiss my neck, telling me how beautiful I look. I roll to my back allowing you to kiss me. Your hands immediately become unconfined. Wandering along the fabric on the nightie, commenting on how you love it being see through. You take my glass of wine and set it on the mantle, asking for my hand you assist me into standing before you.

You tell me to turn around, and you admire my ass. You ask me to bend over while my legs are slightly spread, and grasp my ankles. Well I halfway listened. One hand was holding my ankle and the other went wondering towards my pussy. Feeling slightly wet already I go beneath the fabric and dabble a bit. Sliding the fabric aside for only a moment to tease you at a glimpse of what your gonna get later.

You tell me to touch my breasts with out exposing them to you, then gently squeezing the nipples making them perk. You ask me to remove the top piece of the nightie so you can see my breasts. As I am obeying your demands you decided to remove your jeans and lounge in your boxers. Your cock getting stiff your hand automatically begins to grope it. You ask me to lay on the floor wearing only the thong part on the nightie. I rest my head upon the pillows and spread my legs. You tell me to begin masturbating with the thong left on. Demanding that I cant go beyond the fabric. I start off by arousing myself along the line of the thong, then I dive right into rubbing my clit. You then grab a bottle of the massaging oil and whip out your cock.

Stroking it as you tell me to remove the thong. I turn and face you directly with my pussy. You pour some massaging oil on my clit. The intensity of the cold fades within seconds. You decide you want to help me by fingering me as I am focusing on my clit. I cum and then I get on my knees and begin to lick your balls as you are still slowly stroking your cock. I decide to force your hand off your cock by placing my warm wet lips on it. The desire to taste your cum overrides any and all other ways for you to get off.

We go clean up and you order us some pizza. I change into boxers and a strap shirt. You comment on how you love it when I don't wear a bra, and ask if I put any panties on. I tell you my boxers are my panties. You give me a little grin then make yourself a drink. The pizza arrives and your three drinks in already. We lay on the couch and watch some TV while we eat.

After we eat we decided to get dressed and go down to the hotel bar. There is a wedding party there and great dancing music. You ask me to dance, and instantly you notice some other guy starring at me. You decide to flaunt what you have and with your teeth you unbutton my shirt a bit, enough to be some what revealing. You place your hands on my ass and slide your leg next to my pussy, pulling me close to you giving me a sensual kiss. You turn and see he is still starring at me, so you decide to make me face him while you dance facing me from behind. I begin to portray you as arousing me as if you were grinding me in the ass. The song ends and we go to the bar and order drinks.

You see this guy go into the bathroom and you grab my hand forcing me to follow you, we enter the men's room and go in the stall next to his. You pull up my skirt and place your hand on my back pushing me towards the stall, you stick your finger up my pussy and then rub my ass. Sliding your cock into my ass making me bust out a moan. Ramming into me I beg for you to fuck me, then you cum. We leave the mens room and I go clean up in the ladies room while you return to the bar for another drink.

We decide to return to our room and and you grab hold of me and and kiss me tenderly. We get in the shower to clean up completely. You ask me to wash your body as you begin washing mine. You wrap your arm around my back and pull me close to you. We get lost in kissing then you suddenly insert your cock in my pussy, a bit dissatisfied with the position you lead me out of the shower. Dripping wet we go lay by the fire place. You climb on top and begin making love to me. You begin to pick up the pace and ask me if you can fuck me. I tell you I want it doggy style then. You flip me around and you go to town.

Slamming me so hard that your balls make slapping sounds. You ask me if this is what I like and I say harder honey fuck me harder. I want you to give me all that you can!!! With my right hand I reach down between my legs and begin rubbing my clit. My moaning gets louder as you fuck me harder! I begin getting close to cumming and my ass starts to lower, you getting a bit frustrated lift my ass back up. You yourself feeling close to exploding, grab hold of my shoulder and ram into me deeply. I let loose and cum and within seconds you cum too.

I get up and finish my shower and get back into my clothes and we lay cuddling next to the fire. Falling asleep in each others arms.

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