hhmmmm today  

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6/27/2006 1:57 pm
hhmmmm today

i'm a single dad with to fantastic 2 boys tho i normally have 3 with me ( ask if ya really want to know )
today i have done very little really. i am ment to be decorating a friends house while he is away but wasn't in the mood so i didn't do any today.
he's away for 3 weeks i have plenty of time ( famous last words lol )
i'm a bit of a chat addict so when i get the chance to come online i'm on lycos tarting away for hours before i know it.
I spent tonight looking after my boys as their mom picked up extra work ( ment to be my night off )
they are all fast sleep so here i am again online looking for company

nothing more to say really at the moment ex will be home soon so i will be loggin off and heading bak to my house for the night.

maybe make this a bit more interesting once i read a few others to see what they talk about in theirs

sorry if i bored you but thanks for taking the time to read anyway



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